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Do you have 1996 sebring convertible How do you fix right signal light in the rear front signal light works faster tha usual?


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2009-01-25 16:03:58
2009-01-25 16:03:58

usually when it cold out it happens to me also something maybe in the fuse

For the rear flashers when one side is flashing faster than usual it is usually an indication that one of the flasher bulbs has gone out. Simply replacing the non working bulb should fix this problem. * To replace the bulb open the trunk.

* Pull the covering away from the 3 plastic bolts that hold the light bulb fixture. * Unscrew the 3 bolts * From the outside pull the light rear light covering out towards you * detach the bulb placement that has burnt out by turning the screw counter clockwise * detach the bulb

Installing the new bulb is the reverse of removing the bulb.


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