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Possibly. Not eating is a poor way to lose or to control your weight. Exercise and proper nutrition are far better ways of dealing with weight issues, and improve self-esteem, outlook, and overall health. If you feel that you must not eat, you should see a counselor, as this can become a life-threatening problem. Simply walking briskly several miles a day can do amazing things for your weight, and will make you feel better, too. Eat slowly, so that your body can tell you when it is full. It can take as long as 20 minutes for your stomach to let your brain know that you are full. Take smaller portions, don't go back for seconds, and don't eat anything for the two or three hours before you go to bed. Go to bed hungry, instead of stuffed, eat a good breakfast, and a good lunch, and a small dinner. If you can, try to go swimming a couple of times a week, or ride a bicycle several miles, or split wood, or rake leaves, shovel snow, dig holes or trenches, stack wood, whatever you can to be active. Being outside, away from the television, is one of the most critical parts of weight control.

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What to do when you are feeling sad or angry?

whenever feeling angry or sad move to making any art or craft or something in which u are interested

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Our sense of controlling our environment rather than feeling helpless.

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This kind of feeling is called a control delusion. It is important to bring this feeling to the attention of a medical doctor, therapist or councilor.

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Those would be known as butterflies, indicating you like it.

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Charles Wegener has written: 'The discipline of taste and feeling' -- subject(s): Aesthetics

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It's a metaphor for feeling lost and not sure what to do

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A gut-feeling is a desision/feeling that you have obtained quickly without reason or knowledge. a gutt feeling is when you have some type of tingly like feeling urging you to do something or when you get scared and your stomach might tingke a little bit. you'll know what it is when something scary or when your nervous happens

Something that has a smooth feeling?

A rock is a option!

What rhymes with you will be feeling strong?

What is feeling that you feel like you HAVE to do something?


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You can feel "Ashamed" or "Guilty" if your feeling uncomfortable because you have done something wrong.

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Feeling regretful (in other words feeling sorry for doing or saying something)

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Quite simple, it's feeling anxious, or nervous.

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You like him because you have sensors in your brain that whenever you find the right person your nerves get that feeling of love.

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love is both You can love something and hate something which therefore makes it an emotion. And you feeling of love sometimes too.

Feeling when you are a cemetery?

I Feel Totally Normal But When I Get Out I Feel This Wierd Feeling Like SomeThing Inside Me Is Empty