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Do you have recipes for a dog with renal failure?

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Egg & Potato Diet (low-protein, low-phosphorous, high-potassium, normal sodium) 1 egg, large, cooked 3 cups potato, boiled with skin 1 tablespoon chicken fat 1 1/2 calcium carbonate tablets (600 milligrams calcium) 1/2 multiple-mineral tablet Provides 600 kilocalories, 15.1 grams protein, 18.5 grams fat. Supports caloric needs of an 18-pound dog Provides phosphorus at 53 percent, potassium at 322 percent, sodium at 114 percent of dogs daily needs. To feed this diet with a normal amount of phosphorus, substitute 3 bonemeal tablets for the 1 1/2 carbonate tablets. Chicken and Potato diet (low protein low phosphorus, high potassium, low sodium) 1/4 cup cooked chicken breast 3 cups potato, boiled with skin 2 tablespoons chicken fat 1 1/2 calcium carbonate tablets (600 milligrams calcium) 1/2 multiple vitamin-mineral tablet Provides 689 kilocalories, 18.9 grams protein, 26.8 grams fat. Supports caloric needs of a 21-22 pound dog Provides phosphorus at 45 percent, potassium at 301 percent, sodium at 54 percent of a dog's daily needs. To feed this diet with a normal amount of phosphorus, substitute 4 bonemeal tablets for the 1 1/2 calcium carbonate tablets. The following recipe was made available by Hills Petfood Prescription Diets The recipe is taken from: "Small Animal Clinical Nutrition, 4th edition.", Editors: Hand, Thatcher, Remillard and Roudebush et al. Making Pet Foods at Home. Topeka, KS: Mark Morris Institute, 2000, . 70 authors. (use beef with regular fat content, NOT lean beef (note S. Fleisher)) Rice, Beef and Egg Diet (Balanced low-protein, Low-phosphorus homemade formulas for adult dogs ***) Daily food as fed formulation for a 18-kg dog Ingredients Grams (To convert grams to ounces, multiply the grams by .0353) Rice, white, cooked*** 237 Beef, regular, cooked + 78 Egg, large, boiled 20 Bread, white 50 Oil, vegetable 3 Calcium carbonate 1.5 Salt, iodized 0.5 Total 390 Nutrient analysis (DM)++ Dry matter (%) 41.0 Energy (kcal/l 00 g) 445 Protein (%) 21.1 Fat (%) 13.7 Linoleic acid % 1.8 Crude fiber (%) 1.4 Calcium (%) 0.43 Phosphorus (%) 0.22 Potassium (%) 0.26 Sodium (%) 0.33 Magnesium 0.091 *Also feed one human adult vitamin-mineral tablet daily to dogs to ensure all vitamins and trace minerals are included.

    • ESHA Research. Diet Analysis Software. Food Processor Plus, version 5.03, 1990 Salem, OR. Agricultural Software Consultants, Inc. Mixit 2+, version 3.0,1991, Kingsville, TX
      • May substitute rice baby cereal and flavor either selection with meat broth during cooking.
+Retain the fat. ++Nutrients of concern are protein, phosphorus, and potassium. The treat recipe is from Brad Luther. He and his veterinarian made the recipe for Brad's Boxer, Albi i have adapted these ingredients to meet albi's needs. there are many healthy ingredients other dogs can eat but because of her situation this recipe is limited. with input from the vet, these ingredients have been chosen for easy processing by the kidneys. albi's treats: 2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 1/2 tsp. garlic powder 6 Tblsps. low sodium, low fat chicken broth 1/2 cup cold water 1 cup cooked vegetable (green beans, carrots or mixed) combine flour and garlic powder. mix in chicken broth and vegetable(s). add enough cold water to form a ball. pat dough to 1/2" and cut with a dog biscuit cutter, cookie cutter or knife. place on a non-stick cookie sheet & bake in a preheated oven @ 350F for 25 minutes. cool on a wire rack. Since there are no preservatives, i recommend storing them in the refrigerator if they are not eaten within a week. they can also be made ahead and frozen.
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Can renal failure be reversed?

acute renal failure can be reversed but not the chronic renal failure

What is renal failure?

Renal Failure, means failure of the kidneys. The kidneys are, of course, vital internal organs.

What is the difference between acute renal failure and chronic renal failure?

acute and chronic renal failure

Can Chronic renal failure be reversed?

Chronic renal failure is irreversible, and will eventually lead to total kidney failure

What is treatment for renal failure?

If renal failure is diagnosed early, the patient will benefit from dialysis.

Icd-9 for renal failure?

There are different stages of renal failure. The final stage of renal failure is also known as ESRD, or End Stage Renal Disease. The ICD-9 code for this is 585.6.

If you have renal failure can you get a tattoo?

can renal 's get tattoo

Can your see renal failure with ultrasound?

Not renal failure per say, but you can see if you have shrunken, scarred or swollen kidneys that can indicate renal dysfunction.

State 2 causes of renal failure?

Most cases of renal failure can be attributed to high blood pressure and diabetes. There are other conditions which can cause renal failure, but it isn't common.

How common is Chronic renal failure?

Chronic renal failure affects over 250,000 Americans annually

What is mean by renal failure and kidney stones?

kidney donot perform its function is called renal failure

What is the medical term meaning malfunction of the kidney?

Kidney failure, renal failure, or renal insufficiency indicate kidney malfunction.

What is the difference between renal failure and kidney failure?

They are the same.

How did Florence Harding die?

renal failure(kidney failure)

What has the author Mary E Spitzer written?

Mary E. Spitzer has written: 'A renal failure diet manual utilizing the food exchange system' -- subject(s): Chronic Kidney Failure, Chronic renal failure, Diet in disease, Diet therapy, Food exchange lists, Kidney failure, Chronic, Nutritional aspects, Nutritional aspects of Chronic Renal failure, Nutritional aspects of Renal insufficiency, Renal insufficiency

What has the author Judith A Curtis written?

Judith A. Curtis has written: 'The renal patient's guide to good eating' -- subject(s): Chronic renal failure, Diet therapy, Recipes 'Living with diabetic complications' -- subject(s): Complications, Diabetes

What does renal failure affect?

The kidney

What is the medical term meaning kidney failure?

Renal failure (although I'm pretty sure kidney failure would suffice). To be honest, as a medical term Kidney Failure is "medical" enough. If you want to be a bit more medical then you would want to say Renal Failure. And then depending on whether it's acute or chronic then you would want to say Acute Renal Failure or Chronic Renal Failure. End stage renal disease (ESRD) is another term. And just in case you're interested, it used to called Renal Insufficiency but that term is not really used anymore.

What is the other name for kidney failure?

The Scientific name for kidney failure is renal failure.

Incubation period for acute renal failure?

what is the incubation period for renal disease

What is the medical term meaning abnormal kidney function?

Renal insufficiency, renal failure, renal distress - and the like.

What is Chronic kidney failure also called?

Chronic renal failure

What is chronic renal failure also called?

Chronic kidney failure

What volume of hourly urine output could indicate renal failure?

what volume of hourly urine output could indicate renal failure?

Why is there an increased risk of toxicity in later stages of renal failure?

In the later stages of renal failure, the kidneys are not working properly and are not filtering out the toxins as well as they were able to when the renal failure began. As renal failure progresses, more of the animal's kidney function is decreased. Therefore, the more damage that is done during the disease process, the less toxins are filtered out by the kidneys.