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no you don't it doesn't matter

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Q: Do you have to be a certain weight to go to pgl?
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Are Sikhs allowed to go PGL?

yes they are. there are some sikh explorers and go outs and boauts so it the same thing as PGL we are allowed to go PGL.

Is PGL nice?

pgl is extremely nice. the staff are great and the activities are cool!

What is a Netball PGL?

A Netball PGL is a game of netall that is PROFFESIONAL GAMING LEAGUE

Where can one find information about PGL holidays?

One can find information about PGL holidays on the official website of PGL. The website offers information about school, groups, adventure and family holidays as well as other information.

Is pgl fun?

YES it is it is really fun Yes they are, if you have a chance to go to one take it, it will be something your never regret

Do you have to be a certain age to zip line?

no, but depending on where you go, you might have to be a certain height or weight.

Is the France trip at PGL good?


How tall is the pgl swing?

40 foot

What is the postcode of pgl liddington?

Sn4 0dz

How do you download new musical shows in Pokemon Black and White?

Access the PGL, go to "customize" and you can download a new musical show.

What the conclusion about environment marketing?

tu pgl h

How do you make friends in Pokemon X and Y PGL?

You have to make friends in-game for them to show up on the Pokemon Global Link. Register there friend codes and they will appear on the PGL.