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Have to be for the bond? Generally, no, although a bonding company could reasonably require it. * Certain occupations may require fingerprint checks and bonding, for instance repossession agents, bail bond enforcement agents and so forth.

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Q: Do you have to be fingerprinted to be bonded?
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Being bonded for a bank job do you need to be fingerprinted?

You will more than likely need to be bonded in order to work for a bank for secuirty purposes

Do you get fingerprinted for a dwi?


Will a misdemeanor show up when you get fingerprinted for a job?

Not necessarily just for being fingerprinted - however if the employer conducts a criminal history background check on you it will.

What is it called when a suspect is photographed and fingerprinted?

It means that they where 'booked"

May a juvenile be fingerprinted or photographed after arrest?


Do you need to be documented to be fingerprinted?

No finger printing is an extreme form of documentation

Do you get fingerprinted when visiting France?

Not generally. If you are suspected of a crime, then that is another matter.

Where can you get fingerprinted in Tucson?

Most police stations will provide that service free of charge.

If you have been fingerprinted in Australia will it show up in IAFIS?

IF, your prints were entered into the system, they will be there.

Why are people not microchiped and fingerprinted at birth?

It would be seen as a grave invasion of privacy.

Is Freon a more covalently bonded or ionically bonded?

covalently bonded

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Mixtures are NOT bonded.

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bonded atom

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To get bonded, you go to the Police Station.

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Do you have to be bonded to cut keys?

It depends on what you mean by 'bonded'

Have you ever applied to be bonded?

Yes, i have applied to be bonded.

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Can you be bonded after bankruptcy?

Yes, you can be bonded after bankruptcy, but it matters what you are being bonded for. Since the bond company is in essence insuring you, being bonded to be a notary public is easy, whereas getting your business bonded may be more difficult after bankruptcy.

Is it illegal to fingerprint for traffic tickets?

So-called "moving" tickets are misdemeanor offenses and you can be fingerprinted if you are in custody.

When you are booked and released will this show up when you are fingerprinted for a job?

Yes if the new job is searching for arrests and convictions.

When getting fingerprinted do they run a warrant check?

Not usually, unless you are applying for a public service/government job.