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It is possible to get pregnant even though you haven't had your first period yet. Your very first period flushes the lining of your uterus and that lining may or may not contain a viable egg. If it did happen to include a viable egg, then for some period of time prior to your first period, sperm could fertilize the egg and you could become pregnant. Having sex as a minor is ill-advised for any number of reasons: * It is harmful to your psychological development * Risk of sexually-transmitted diseases * Risk of pregnancy

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Can you be pregnant if you've had your period 3 times?

No chance of getting pegnant.

How many days can your period be late?

9 months if your pegnant XD

Can you get pegnant and still ovulate?

yes, kinda no in a way you may have a mini period but you wont ovulate

If you have protected sex 15 days before your period can you get pegnant?

If you have protected sex anytime you wont get pregnant.

Can a 21 man get 45 woman pegnant?

if the woman has not yet stopped her period cycle. Than man can get her pregnant.

How do you get pegnant?

By having sex on your obvilation days or having it on your period...(obvilation is that your body is ready to fertilize the mans sperm to make a baby)

If you miscarried at 3 weeks and its been 5 weeks and no period or pregnancy symptoms could you be pegnant?

You need to go and speak to your doctor about it

Was Miley Cyrus pegnant?

No She is not No She is not No She is not

Is Rihanna pegnant?

No. Rumor.

You just had your period why are you spotting?

y am i spotting just got told im pegnant and saw my doctor but he says theres nothing to worry about it

Your girlfriend has had her period but was on the last day In her liner she saw a light pink spotis this a sign of her being pegnant?

Yes it does. Too bad Yes it does. Too bad

How do you get pegnant in the sims life stories?

Pednantsims on

Was roseanne really pegnant on the roseanne show?

yes, she was

Is Selena gomez pegnant and who?

Selena Gomez is not pregnant

Can you receive periods when you are pregnant?

no only if you have blatter problems. if you dont have blatter problems and you are pegnant and you are having your period then you should go see a doctor to ask what is wrong or to confirm the pregnacy

I have colostrum coming out i am due for my period in about 5 days could i be pegnant?

You may have a non cancerous tumor of the pituitary gland. See your doctor and have your prolactin level checked. Good luck!

Is it possible to get pegnant without conception?

No. Conception is when a pregnancy starts.

Can you get pegnant using the pull out method?

yes you can............... but its not easy to bear the child

Can my girlfriend be pegnant if she sat on my sperm quickly but there was never any penetration?

It's very unlikely but still possible. If she was wearing clothes though, then she is not pregnant. If not, she should take a pregnancy test if she misses her period

How do 14 teen year old girls get pegnant?

The same way that everyone else does.

Cau get pregnant if your boyfriend hugs you from the bak?

No you can only get pegnant from having actual sex.

Is Hannah Montana pegnant?

Haha!! U r funny; no, she isn't a baby mama.

Can you get pegnant from sperm lasting 3 days in your vagina?

Yes as long as you are fertile that time.

How do you tell if my bichon frise is pegnant?

well to OFFICIALLY know if your bichon is pregnant you need to ask her vet.

How long can it take a women to get pegnant aftwr sex?

Right After But You Wont KNow Until 2 Weeks!!