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It depends: Assuming the back teeth you are describing are your Wisdom teeth. Depending how many need to be extracted, and if they are impacted, some denists would reccommend you go for a general. Depends on how hard it will be to have the teeth removed and what you want to do. I'm sure you can get it done with out being put to sleep if that is your choice. Just talk to your dentist and you both can decide what's best for you. It can be done under local anesthetic, but, if fearful discuss it with your dentist and you can go to a special and receive a Valium drip also called "Twilight sleep" which I received during eye surgery. You could hear things around you, but felt no pain and the anesthetic didn't last long and I was home and cooking dinner in less than 2 hours. Having back teeth pulled may make you more drowsy and of course you will be given something for pain just in case you need it.

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Q: Do you have to be put to sleep to have your back teeth out or can you you have them out with a local?
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Do you have to be put to sleep when getting wisdom teeth pulled out?

Most wisdom teeth are pulled out with local anesthesia. Rare cases of very afraid people has been put asleep.

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Local refers to the part of the body affected; for example, dentists use a "local" anesthetic" to prevent pain in the teeth and jaw. A "general" anesthetic will put you to sleep so that you don't feel anything.

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Is it safe to be put to sleep when pulling wisdom teeth?

Well I am not a doctor or dentist but I had four wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago by an oral surgeon and I was "put to sleep" The process took less than an hour and I was fine. With any anesthesia there can be risk involved. Go to your oral surgeon for a consultation and they can review those with you.

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