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Chevy S-10

Do you have to cut the wheel well to fit 22 inch rims on Chevy s10?


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June 09, 2009 9:21AM

When increasing rim size you should try to keep it so your tire is around the same size as factory. However, there are several important facts you have left out.

Are you changing your suspension, by adding a lift or lowering the truck.

If you lift the truck you will be able to lift to the point where you are not rubbing if you

are using off-set rims. However if you are lowering the vehicle you are nuts, you will

not only have to cut the wheel wells, but also the fenders and hood, and don't plan

on being able to drive it, you wont be able to turn as the motor is in the way. My

suggestion is that you find a set of 18-19's and run those as they do fit without

modification, if you are dead set on 22's, buy a full-size pickup, not a mini. Nevermind what that guy up there said............... Actually 22s will fit on a s10 without cutting or lifting anything. your turn radius is lowered but still very much drivable. i know this because i currently have a 2door s10 blazer with 22s you cant lower the front any but you can still put 2 inch drop in the back. you might be able to do a 2 4 drop if you ride on rubberbands.