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No, there is an option that you can select when you autofill and it will not delete the songs you already have on your iPod, nor do you have to.


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No. If you don't have enough room on your iPod for the video, iTunes will warn you.

When you plug your IPod in the computer to download the songs you can delete the playlists off the cumputer or on your ipod you can press delete playlist

Connect the iPod to a computer with iTunes, then delete the undesired songs.

No, updating an iPod will not delete anything on your iPod.

when you restore an ipod it doesn't delete your songs or apps but it will delete your high scores from the last time you sync your ipod.

you cant download songs from napster on to an ipod

You can''t delete song from your ipod ... You have to delete them on your iTunes then sync your ipod ...

You cannot delete songs directly from your ipod, but when you have your ipod connected in itunes select the ipod section, then select the songs you want to delete from your ipod, then just push the delete button on the keyboard.The directions say to click on the iPod icon in iTunes, open the disclosure triangle to the left.

Songs cannot be deleted directly from the iPod. Connect the iPod to the computer using the USB cable, and delete the songs you want to delete in iTunes, then click the sync button.

You don't have to download songs onto your iPod, but that is half of what the iPod was made for.

Yes, you can download songs on your iPod Touch. You will use iTunes to download the music.

you press the delete botton

Delete them from your itunes then sync your ipod or if you dont want to delete them from your itunes you can untick the songs you dont want and then sync

To delete songs from your iPod Touch, first connect it to your computer. Then, go into your iPod menu to music. Then, right mouse click on the song you want to delete and click delete.

Use Itunes to download songs to ipod touch

You have to delete the songs from iTunes on your computer first,then sync your songs.

You cannot delete songs directly from iPod Touch. You must connect it to iTunes. Go to the music section of your iPod and right mouse click on the songs you want to delete and click delete. Then, safely eject it through iTunes to make sure the process will work.

delete unwanted apps, videos, songs, pictures...

You need to delete it from your Itunes account.

The least amount of songs you can download on an iPod Touch is 0 songs.

delete them from your itunes libaray then update your ipod.

It will say you need to delete more songs before adding them

You need to get iTunes, and a USB cord for the iPod. When you get both of these items connect your iPod to the computer using the USB cord, and just use iTunes to delete the songs. If you don't want to get iTunes just connect the iPod and go to Start > My Computer and select your device, then delete the songs. It is easier to use iTunes though, and is free.

Now you will not delete all your apps. If you restore your ipod it will delete all your apps but you can always re-download for free, even if it cost $ before. (Don't update if you have a jailbroken ipod)

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