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Do you have to go to battle tower first before you go to the volcano on Pokemon pearl?

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yes u do in the volcano is a mysetery legendy Pokemon called heatran

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How do you get to the map after Eliot cavern in Pokemon volcano?

what is pokemon volcano first of all?

What is a good level to have your Pokemon on before your first battle in Pokemon Diamond?

your first battle will be with a wild pokemon. if you are trying to catch it i suggest level 6 if you want to kill level 8 OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does a volcano look like before its first eruption?

A volcano

Training Pokémon on Pokémon emerald?

Battle trainers and wild Pokemon. You can use the Exp.Share (given to by Devon President for delivering letter to Steven) to train weaker Pokemon, or you can put the weaker Pokemon in the first slot before a Pokemon battle and then switch it out with a stronger Pokemon before the foe hits. Then the weaker Pokemon will still gets experience points after the battle. Good luck

Where can you get Zekrom in Pokemon White?

You will be forced to battle Zekrom right before your last battle with N after you defeat the elite four for the first time.

Is the first Battle of Bull Run before battle of fredericksburg?

The first battle of Bull Run was fought about a year before the battle of Fredericksburg.

How do you beat the Pokemon battle frontier?

first you have to have Pokemon lv 70 or up and you have to battle evrey Pokemon they throw at you.then when you get up to certin nuber of Pokemon you battle the champ.

What does speed do in Pokemon?

It allows your Pokemon to attack first in a battle!

What do you do after you battle your rival in the Pokemon league?

He first returns the Pokemon he stole and then at the Pokemon league if u go up the stairs he'll battle you and if u win he just says rest Ur Pokemon before u battle the champion and then your mom calls and says i bought something with Ur money sorry

What is a good level to have your Pokemon on before your first trainer battle in Pokemon Diamond?

hmm, first trainer battle had either a lvl 4 or a lvl 5.... Mine was 7 I think, got through just fine, snappy easy! That's the first trainer battle, ok? So, not much need to worry. First RIVAL battle is their highest poke should be lvl 9.

What first Pokemon do they give you in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

they don't give you first pokemons, they let you pick one of two battle passes.

How do you get Dialga or Palkia on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

To get Dialga or Palkia on Pokemon Battle Revolution, you must first catch it in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and then send it to Pokemon Battle Revolution with a wireless connection.

How do you get all Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

First, you have to find them, then, you have to battle them, then, you catch them.

How do you get your Pokemon to attack first in a battle in Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon that has the greater speed attacks first, but there are some moves that attack always first in the battle and some items that increase the chance of attacking first like the Quick Claw

Where was the first eruption of the volcano?

The first eruption was about 3.825,this was before human was alive!!

How do you get to battle buck in the battle tower?

First, you have to go to the Multi Battle room and have 2 eligible Pokemon participate. If you've helped Buck before, then he will appear in the Battle Salon. Press 'A' on him, then answer 'Yes' to all of his questions. You will battle alongside Buck. He will only attack the opponents, giving you a perfect chance to inflict heavy damage on his Pokemon.

How do you get the Pokemon in the volcano in Pokemon Pearl?

I recommed you get a master ball first, then go to Stark mountain. The Pokemon Heatran will apear on the 3rd floor.

When did the first volcano to erupt?

There is no proof to when the first volcano erupted because they have been around for millions if not billions of years way before humans were here possibly before any life form.

What do you don your ds when me Pokemon die and it wont let you battle?

You cannot battle yourself. First you go to a pokemon center to heal them but you have to start over and they will battle you again.

What episodes ash battle first battle frontier?

The only series of Pokemon that was worth watching was the first three series (Pokemon, Pokemon Master Quest, Pokemon Johto) the rest are lame and filled with Mary sues and Gary Stus

Where to go to battle Cynthia again in Pokemon black?

You can battle her anytime in the spring at her house where you battle her the first time.

In Pokemon sapphire you put latias asleep and attack alittle but after putting her asleep she just teleports out of battle on the first move before you can even do anything what should I do?

You have to use a Pokemon with an ability such as Arena Trap. This ensures that the foe cannot teleport out of battle.

What Pokemon does alder have first in battle?

you dont battle alder n becomes the champion so you battle him then (if you beat him) you battle ghetsis.

First island of Pokemon Emerald?

the first island in emerald is battle frontier

How do you use a exp share in Pokemon white?

Put it on a Pokemon in your party (not the first one) go into battle the first pokemon and that Pokemon will get exp GREAT for training up weak pokemon