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Yes, all Nintendogs are puppies. Just go to the Kennel to purchase one.

However, if you mean breeding Nintendogs to have puppies, then the answer will be no. You can't breed Nintendogs

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Q: Do you have to have 9000 trainer pts to have a baby puppy on nintendogs?
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Can you donate your baby on Nintendogs?

If you are referring your puppy as the "baby" then yes you can donate your dog to the dog hotel.

Why do people say Nintendogs cant get pregnant?

Because their WEIRDOS!!! If you want your (Girl) dog to get pregnant, she must be alone in a cage with a boy. If they jump on each other, put on a record to make them cuddle. They have to cuddle 100 times to have a baby. If you don't have time for your DS, plug it in the charger and leave it on all night long. Oh, and I'm sorry I didn't say this earlier, but you have to have 99,999 in trainer points. The girl dog and boy dog must be the same breed, but they do not have to be the same color. If you don't have 99,999 trainer points yet, you can go get shampoo, and leave the brush there overnight. You can only feed them Milk and dry food. Make sure you have at least 1000 dollars before you breed. You may not take the dogs on walks, nor the baby until he is grown. No contests. P.S If you wanna see my baby puppy, just look up Nintendogs Baby Puppy. The Picture has two Labs on the cover!

What is the name of the Dog baby?


What is a baby dog called?

Male is a dog.Female is a bitch.Young is a pup or puppy.

Can a baby puppy and a grown up puppy have a baby?

No....only humans can have babies.

What do you call a dogs baby?


How do you call a dog's baby?

A Puppy Dog.

Is there a difference in between a kitten and puppy?

A kitten is a baby Cat and a puppy is a baby dog

After you have mated your dog on Nintendogs will the baby be smaller?

No. Because you CANT mate your dogs on Nintendogs. You can say that they are 'in love' but it is not possible for them to have puppies.

How much baby can a camel have?

over 9000

Can you feed baby puppies baby formula?

It is better for the puppy to be given puppy formula available from the vet.

How do you get your dog to have a baby on Nintendogs?

There is no dog breeding without hacking the game.