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I want to sell cars. Do I need a dealer license to sell to the public on a low scale.

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Q: Do you have to have a dealership to have a dealers license?
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How do you get a dealership license to buy cars at auction?

Go to your local DMV and ask them how to apply for a dealers license.

Can you buy a car from a dealership without a license?

Yes but theres only a few that will do it. Most dealers don't .

How do you transfer your Maryland dealership license into nc dealership license?

Their is no transfer you will have to start a new business in NC, you will have to contact NC department of revenue and go through their process and requirements for obtaining a dealers license. You can only transfer locations in your own state not state to state.

How do you get a dealership liecense to go to dealership auction?

go to the state dealers association.

What kind of car dealership advertising is there?

Car dealership advertising can be found in the form of billboards, online advertising, or tv commercials. Car dealership ads are either from manufacturer, zone dealers, or local dealers.

What is an auto lot porter?

I am trying to find out who to contact, I own a car lot with a dealers license and I want to open a holding lot in a different location, can I sell cars from that lot or do I need a license for that dealership too?

Who is responsible for insurance when test driving a car at the dealership?

Dealers are responsible for insuring the cars on their lots. You need to have a valid driver's license in order to go on a test drive.

Do you have to be a citicen to get a dealers license?

What kind of dealers license? To sell cars or vehicles, to deal cards etc.

How many vehicles can you sell in Maine without a dealers license?

You can sell 4 in a 12 month period without a dealers license. Sell that 5th vehicle and you need a dealers license.

How do you get your car dealers license in Minnesota?

How can I get dealer license in Toronto?

How do you get a firearms dealers license?

In what country?

Can you get a dealers license with a felony?


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