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Do you have to have a license to be a storm chaser?

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No, but if you're crazy enough to do this then it would be to your advantage to take courses, have the equipment, get your degrees and do it right so you can offer good concrete research. Why waste time just chasing storms if you can't offer some theories on them.

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How do you get a license to be a storm chaser?

There is no such thing as a storm chasing license. Technically, anyone who is a decent driver can be a storm chaser. However, it is highly recommended that you take storm spotting courses. An education in meterology is also recommended.

What is a sentence for storm chaser?

Her son is a storm chaser by day and a beer chaser by night.That was the last time anybody ever saw or heard of the storm chaser.

When was Storm Chaser - EP - created?

Storm Chaser - EP - was created in 2006.

What is a storm chaser?

A storm chaser is a person who seeks out and follows the most intense parts of a storm for the purpose of study, photography, or just plain adrenaline.

What are Storm Chaser vehicles made out of?

Most storm chaser vehicles are ordinary cars and SUVs, made mostly of steel.

Do you have to be rich to be a storm chaser?

No not at all.

Do you have a education to be a Storm Chaser?


The main event of storm chaser by chris platt?

storm chaser almost got sold to ariel but didn't and is now jess's

Are there actual storm chaser groups for thunderstorms?

no their is no storm chasing group for thunderstorms

How many years of college do you have to take to be a storm chaser?

You don't need to take college to become a storm chaser. I do suggest attending a storm spotter class to better understand storms and tornadoes.

Person who take videos of earthquake?

A Storm Chaser

What are possible jobs for a storm chaser?

Storm chaser is not an occupation, it's a hobby. The only people who get paid to do it are just a few people who are doing research on severe weather.

What is the name of the lead Storm Chaser on the TV Show - Storm Chasers?

Reed Timmer.

What are the different types of a storm chaser?

Meteorologist, Videographer, and Driver

What qualification does it take to become a storm chaser?

Simple answer is you really don't have to have any qualifications to become a storm chaser. I would suggest that you at least take a storm spotting class so you can better understand storms and tornadoes. Learning all you can won't hurt it will only help you to develop and become a good chaser.

What are the release dates for Space Racers - 2014 Space Racer Storm Chaser?

Space Racers - 2014 Space Racer Storm Chaser was released on: USA: 2 May 2014

How much does a assistant storm chaser make?

Most storm chasers, assistant or otherwise, do not get paid at all.

Who is mike hollingshead?

A storm chaser and photographer from Nebraska. His website is

What does a storm chaser measure?

Twister chasers mesure windspeed with DOW.

When is Sean Casey's storm chaser birthday?

July 2nd 1974

Can you be a Storm Chaser as a career?

You can, but it is difficult. For the vast majority of storm chasers it is a hobby. Only a few storm chasers are actually professional chasers.

What led warren faidley to being a professional storm chaser?

to keep people updated on the weather to perpare for storm

What kind of skills are needed to become a storm chaser?

you need a lot of expirence

What qualifications do storm chasers need?

You do not need any education to become a storm chaser. Although you do need the proper training.

How much does a storm chaser make?

Most storm chasers are not paid for their work. In fact, for most it is a great personal expense.