Do you have to have a wedding license?


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Yes. In order to get legally married, you must first get a marriage license.

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Business of Wedding Cars in London does not require any particular license but the chauffeur license is required to drive a vehicle.

The license needs to be for the location of the wedding. That is the jurisdiction necessary.

AnswerI would think you would not need a "planning" license but maybe, a general business license. Check with your city, township, etc.There is such as thing as a weddingprofessionals license and it is a good idea to get. Many planners are also apart of a wedding assosication which is also a good idea if you are from a larger regoin. These are especially important to have if you have never done a wedding before. You will have no creditability to your name with out either a years fews internship under a skilled wedding planner of having a license.

Whether you have a religious wedding or a government wedding you need a marriage license from the county courthouse in the state you are married in. The church will sign the court issued license and you will file it with them once signed. The main answer is that it does not matter which is first as long you have a legal license.Some brides that come to us are already married by the courthouse and are now planning there wedding in the church or by a religious officiant

Only a business licence is necessary in Canada.

You need two witnesses to sign the marriage license.

Yes. Marriage license can be filed in California and the wedding can be in NJ

The Victoria House wedding package is offered as a destination wedding in Belize. The package includes the wedding license and minister fees, a small cake, flowers, bouquet, and boutonniere.

Take it to your local clerks office to be corrected

Public Marriages in California is about $56.

Start looking online and in your local phone directory for wedding planner courses and businesses. Find out what you need to do to acquire a license for wedding planning.

No, the couple gets a marriage license and is either married by a Justice of the Peace or married by a Minister (or whatever religious denomination they are) in a church. A couple can have a simple chapel wedding to a large wedding.

Yes you can if you have a leagel license which can cost alot of money !!

The only thing you need to have a wedding for your friends is the marriage license (one or the other of the couple must apply for this) and a Minister (or whatever denomination the couple are) and the wedding can proceed.

Where do I start? :) - Finding a wedding venue. - Asking close ones to be in the wedding. - Finding a caterer. - Sending invitations. - Picking Wedding Colors & Decorations - Finding Photographer. - Getting a Marriage License. - Finding someone (Officiant) to marry you. - Picking Vows - Decisions regarding wedding cake.

Each State has its own procedures for issuing marriage licenses and whether it offers Court performed wedding ceremonies. Generally you apply for a marriage license in the County where you live. When you contact the Marriage License Office, you can ask whether it provides wedding ceremony services. The cost of a license, the waiting period, requirements and how to arrange a court wedding ceremony will depend on your specific County. Using the attached link, you can click on your state and county to find the information that you should need to arrange your wedding.

seriously, have you heard of google? look up your local city hall.

No a marriage has to be performed by a pastor who has a marriage license .

If you are going to open a business, yes you need a license from your state.

You need a Louisiana marriage license - even if you live in another state.

Yes. Normally you need one for the town/city that you live in. Their answers are normally "if you collect money in XXX town, you need a business license." It's annoying, but you may not need a STATE license, just a city license.

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