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Do you have to have all your grown up teeth to get braces?


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Dentists recommend that you grow out all your baby teeth and grow in new adult teeth because it would be a waste to straighten baby teeth if they're just gonna fall out anyway. Wait until your adult teeth grow in to get braces since adult teeth are pretty much your permanent teeth.

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You need to have lost all of your baby teeth and all of your grown up teeth need to have if not fully but almost fully come in. That is completley false, i have got braces and i have a baby tooth still, what they do is that they don't put a thing on that tooth and they give you 3 months to wobble your baby tooth out.

yes but the teeth have to fully grow so the gaps are good because the dr is gonna take 2 or 3 teeth out

Braces are a type of "tool" for you teeth to either straighten it or something else. Mine is for my overbite (my upper teeth overlap my bottom teeth) and are there to line it up for my lower teeth to line up close to the upper teeth. Other types of braces i don't know the reasons for. Usually Straightening

first make sure most of the child's teeth has fallen out. and try to wait until most of there grown up teeth have grown out some. But Yes! Any time you are ready, basically

people get braces to straighten up their teeth if they are unsatisfied with the way they grew in

To keep the teeth together. Sure your braces will make your teeth straight but they can open up a gap again ( if that is the reason you needed braces). So a retanier will only keep the teeth straight

If you whiten your teeth with braces on you'll most likely end up with spots from the bleach only getting on the exposed enamel. They make a mouthwash for braces that helps keep your teeth an all around even tone and it's available in most drug/ grocery stores.

The purpose of braces is to make your teeth straight. In Europe braces are used in place of a belt to hold your trousers up.

Go to an Orthodontist and get braces

Baking soda will give a bleaching/whitening effect on your teeth. If you whiten your teeth while having braces, then you will not whiten the areas where the brackets are attached to your teeth. When the braces are removed then you will end up with small square patches that are darker than the rest of your teeth.

I'ts quite easy, all you have to do is on the teeth draw small squars with a sort of '#' shape in the middle. These will be the brackets of the braces. Repeat on all of the visible teeth. Then lightly sketch a line connecting the brackets, (this will be the wire) and make it curve up at the ends to show that the teeth are not just all in a line. -hope this helps! :)

Young Americans will do a lot to grow up with perfect teeth. This includes not only wearing braces on their teeth, but even having devices attached to these braces, so called braces headgear, which are fixed around the head to give extra leverage to the braces.

They generally have up to 45 teeth.

thirty-eight and he has grown up teeth.

You definitely have a choice if you're older than 18. If you're younger than 18, that's up to your parent or legal guardian. They may ask you whether or not you want to do it, but ultimately, that's their decision. There are alternatives to traditional braces, if you want your teeth straightened but don't want to have the obvious metal braces attached to your teeth, you could use invisible braces, which are clear, plastic retainer-like mouth pieces that you wear all the time except for when eating or brushing your teeth that adjust your teeth for you. Ultimately, it is up to the dental patient or their legal guardian as to whether or not you get braces.

Yes you will your fingers or thumb pushes the teeth to the front and the top of your mouth goes up and u will most likely have messed up teeth at the end. if u do get braces do not suck on your fingers or thumb it will ruin your teeth permanently

you can't, its really up to your dentist if you get braces or not. and even then the orthodontist will check your teeth to see if you need them.

There is another thing you can get, it straightens your teeth just like invisible braces. It's called Invisalign. It costs more than braces I think, but if you want straight teeth but no braces, I guess that's the way to go! So search it up on google, see if you like it and if it's affordable, I would get them!

Puppies have 28 milk teeth and the grown up have 42.

Yes they indeed do, I had messed up teeth and the braces fixed them. They usually cost around 3000 for children

Braces are used to help in the cleaning of the teeth, comfort in eating and lastly how someone looks. If cleaning the teeth and comfort are not a problem then it should be up to the individual. You and your orthodontist should come to a decision but it is YOUR teeth and money.

Nothing, they're permanent unless you don't take care of them.

they will help straighten your teeth so your smile will be even more beautifulCadaeicCicada added:--More accurately, when you get your braces off, your teeth are still a bit loose in the bone of your jaw because the braces were moving them around. The retainer holds your teeth in one position while they settle and firm up into place. It retains the shape your teeth are in.

They do pay for braces, and its one set per lifetime. Medicaid has certain guidelines that they follow, and the braces has to be deemed really needed in order for them to pay. For example if their mouth is to little for their teeth, and needs a widener and braces they would pay for them, but if it's just that their teeth are a little out of place then they won't pay. It all depends too on how the Orthodontist writes it up.

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