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No,some women never have it.Some have it for a few weeks while others have it their whole pregnancy. And all of them are normal. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.

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Q: Do you have to have morning sickness during pregnancy to be pregnant?
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Do all women get morning sickness when pregnant?

75% of prenant women get morning sickness during early pregnancy.

How common is morning sickness?

Approximately 75% of pregnant women experience some morning sickness during early pregnancy.

Can you still be pregnant even though you are not getting morning sickness or nausea?

Yes, approximately 25% of pregnant women never have morning sickness and that is normal for them during that pregnancy. Each pregnancy can be different.

What type of sickness do you get before you are pregnant?

There is no specific illness you get before you are pregnant. During pregnancy you can get morning sickness, vomiting. Some get Diabetes.

What kind of sickness can you get during pregnancy?

morning sickness

When does a women get morning sickness when she's pregnant?

It's different for many women, but typically women get morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy.

When will I start feeling morning sickness during pregnancy?

As early as 2 to 3 weeks after you become pregnant.

Does a fever accompany morning sickness?

Fever is not a normal symptom of morning sickness and is not normal during pregnancy, so it is good to always check with your doctor if you have a fever while pregnant.

Is it vomiting necessary in pregnancy?

Yes. Morning sickness (the usual cause of vomiting during pregnancy) is usual in most pregnant women, although a lucky few may never experience morning sickness. Courtesy of Duke_Rollter, question answerer extraordinaire

What causes prolonged morning sickness during a pregnancy?

The cause of morning sickness is not completely understood but it is thought to be caused by hormones.

What are the benefits of morning sickness during pregnancy?

Its all worth it in the end.

Why are you not sick during pregnancy?

Many women are sick during pregnancy - if you are lucky you won't suffer from morning sickness.

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