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Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis


1. Disconnect negative and positive battery cables.

2. Remove air inlet tube.

3. Drain cooling system and remove cooling fan and shroud. Refer to �Section 03-03�.

4. Relieve fuel system pressure and disconnect fuel lines. Refer to �Section 10-01�.

5. Remove upper radiator hose.

6. Remove wiper module and support bracket. Refer to �Section 01-16�.

7. Discharge air conditioning system. Refer to �Section 12-00�.

8. Disconnect air conditioning compressor outlet hose at compressor and remove bolt retaining hose assembly to RH coil bracket.

9. Remove 42-pin engine harness connector from retaining bracket on brake vacuum booster.

10. Disconnect 42-pin connector and transmission harness connector.

11. Disconnect throttle valve cable from throttle body.

12. Disconnect heater outlet hose.

13. Remove nut retaining ground strap to RH cylinder head.

14. Remove upper stud and lower bolt retaining heater outlet hose to RH cylinder head and position out of way.

15. Remove blower motor resistor.

16. Remove bolt retaining RH engine insulator to lower engine bracket.

17. Disconnect exhaust from RH and LH exhaust manifolds.

18. Lower exhaust and wire to crossmember in positions shown.

19. Position a screwtype jackstand and a block of wood under oil pan, rearward of oil drain hole.

20. Raise engine approximately 100mm (4 inch).

21. Insert two wood blocks approximately 60-70mm (2.5-2.75 inch) thick under each engine insulator.

22. Lower engine onto wood blocks and remove jack from under oil pan.

NOTE: It may be necessary to loosen (do not remove) the two nuts on rear transmission insulator. With a screwtype jackstand raise the extension housing of the transmission slightly to remove oil pan.

23. Remove 16 bolts retaining oil pan to engine assembly. Remove oil pan.

24. If necessary, remove two bolts retaining oil pickup tube to oil pump and remove bolt retaining oil pickup tube to main bearing stud spacer. Remove pickup tube.

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Q: Do you have to lift the engine off the motor mounts to replace the oil pan on a 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis?
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What is the location of the motor mounts on a 1997 Mercury Mystique and how hard they to replace?

These are sideways motors so the replacements of the motor mounts is not an easy job. I suggest that if you can not find them you should not try to replace them. There are two at the top of the motor at both ends. (near both fender wells. And then there are mounts on the transaxle. (transmission).

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There are four engine mounts, one in the front, back, left and right. A real pain, unless you remove the engine to install.

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Assuming you mean engine mounts, these days broken engine mounts will still hold the engine in place not like the older mounts from the 60's and older that allowed the engine to flop around when they broke like a fish out of water. The engine cooling fan may rub the radiator shroud under acceleration and you may also hear some clunking and feel some vibrations. Replacing the mounts would be recommended.