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Do you have to make your son visit his father if he does not want to?


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It's a court order. You could go to jail for contempt if you don't comply.

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No unless there is an agreement between yourself and his father that has been made with the Social Services or a court. It is normal practice though to allow the father to come and visit his child if he wants to keep in touch and should be encouraged unless there is any danger of harm in any way.

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Yah every father wants a son

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They can call each other on the phone, email, have times where the son can visit the son, anything basically!!!

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It depends on the usage. "The father and son went to the movies together" would be OK, but most of the time you would say "the father and the son" or "the father and his son" to make it more clear.

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If you want an answer your going to have to say what language you want

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