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It's a court order. You could go to jail for contempt if you don't comply.

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Q: Do you have to make your son visit his father if he does not want to?
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My son is thirteen he does not want to visit his father and there is no court order do I have to make him go?

No unless there is an agreement between yourself and his father that has been made with the Social Services or a court. It is normal practice though to allow the father to come and visit his child if he wants to keep in touch and should be encouraged unless there is any danger of harm in any way.

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They can call each other on the phone, email, have times where the son can visit the son, anything basically!!!

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Father son realationship is when the father spends time with his son

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Either: Albert's son is my husband and and father of my son, Albert is my father in law. Or: If Albert's son is me, the father of my son, then Albert is my father.

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My 14 year old son wants to meet his father but his father does not want him to meet him why?

This is a question that only the father can answer. He is probably scared. Scared of questions that the kid may ask or scared that the kid may want more from him than he is able to give. He may be worried that you will want more from him than he is able to give. Or, he could be ashamed of what he has or has not done with his life. The important thing is to make sure your son knows that it is not his fault.

In the state of Kansas how old does a child have to be to NOT choose to visit noncustodial parent?

I have custodial custody of my eight year old son who DOES NOT want to visit his father anymore due to his wife. This person is very mean and does and says things to him when his Dad is not around. He calls me several times during the weekend saying he wants to come home and why. Why do I have to make him visit those people if the wife is going to continue to be mean?

How can I keep my son in Oh but still want his father to come up here for visits?

Why should you? Are you a Gatekeeper mother? Do what most do. Make a false allegation.

How do you give custody of a child?

I will like to know, what rights a father that is 18 and illegal has, when the mother is 15,witch will make her under age.She is saying that she and her child molester father is moving so he can't see his son unless he is with her. The father whats to be there for the baby and does not want to take him from the mom,but want what safes for his son and being with the mother is not safe.I would like to know what the father can do to be in the babys life but still has his freedom?

Your son is visiting his father and does not want to come home?

See links below

Why did his father wish Eliezer had gone with his mother?

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The son is the father of the child?

only if the son is the child of the father. If the father is the son of the child, you might be a redneck.

What do you do if your son wants to see his father but since his father is a registered sex offender in Bakersfield CA they have to have court supervised visits or the father will go back to prison?

You must follow the court mandated supervised visitation schedule. You should not allow your son to visit with his father alone. If you still have questions, you should visit the court and ask to speak with an advocate or social worker who can explain the rules and the reasons for them.

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One son is also a father. Grand father (father), father (father&son), son (son).

Does my 16 year old son have to visit his father from a previos court order when he does not want to go. while we are pending are 5th court visitation hearing does he have to go?

yes, if his father isn't abusive then there isn't a reason in haulting his visitation rights. Your son is 16 years old and should be able to see both sides of the story. Let him make judgments based on his own experiences, and don't try and shelter him from an issue that is between you and your sons father. Unless it is dangerously bad, your son needs both the mother and father figure in his life. If his father does drugs or is abusive then it is understandable. Otherwise, if your sons father is trying to see his son to be his father you shouldn't under any circumstances stop father-son involvement. It promotes healthy relationships that'll last him a lifetime. Technically he does have to go if it is court ordered unless in special circumstances where it isn't safe to let him do so. Don't become a crazy person if all that is happening is a father trying to interact with his son.

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The son of your half-brother's father is not related to you when the father is not your father.