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Do you have to pay child support after signing over your rights?


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Depends on if you live in a state where you can "sign over your rights." In some states/courts agreements between parents where one parent says "I relinquish my rights" is meaningless. However, adoption will typically relieve you of any future support obligation but all arrearage will remain (unless waived).


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Signing over one's parental rights does not does not terminate child support.

Signing over your rights doesn't absolve you of child support obligations. In fact, signing over your rights will probably work against you in that regard. If the court ordered you to pay child support, that order is still standing.

Only if the document you sign specifies that your child support obligations are ended with the signing of the document. Do not assume signing over your rights automatically frees you from child support obligations!

In the state of Missouri, signing over your parental rights does not mean that you can quit paying child support. The only time child support can be ceased is when a minor child is adopted.

Signing over parental rights simply relieves you of the duty to make decisions about the child. You would still have to pay child support.

i realy hope that you cant keep receiving child support if you don't want your child...

Only if the child is adopted. Otherwise signing your parental rights away means you will still pay child support.

If you sign away your rights you have no legal say over the child. But you may still be obligated by the judge to pay child support.

Yes, child support will always be required, regardless of whether or not you sign over parental rights.

In general, no, child support obligation would continue unless rights are terminated in preparation for the child's adoption.

When you relinquish your parental rights so the child can be adopted you are no longer responsible for paying child support. You are liable for support until/unless child is adopted.

Yes, unless the child is adopted it is your responsibility to support your child even though you do not wish to see her.

It depends on the stipulations of the agreement to sign away parental rights. If it was just a case of signing them over, no. If there was a stipulation that child support be paid, then yes.

Usually this happens preparatory to an adoption. Signing over one's rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

Termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

Parental rights and child support are two different issues. Signing over your parental rights has no effect on your payment obligation unless the ending of the payment obligation is mentioned on the document.

The father doesn't have to sign over his rights for you to receive pubic assistance.His signing over his rights does not terminate his child support obligation.

No. By signing over your parental rights you are basically saying you want to have nothing to do with the child in question, as if it is not yours, therefore you have no financial responsibility.

In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

If you are looking to sign over your parental rights in Kentucky, you need to contact the family courts that deal with child welfare. Signing over your rights should only be done in extreme situations and in most cases you are then required to pay child support to the state.

Yes. If the child is eventually adopted, the biological parents' child support obligation typically ends.A Different PerspectiveWhen you relinquish your parental rights so the child can be adopted you are no longer responsible for paying child support.

In Nebraska, a father can sign his parental rights away through the court. By signing his rights away, this does not negate him from paying child support.

by "signing over rights" I persume you mean, terminating her parental rights and no, she is not obligated to pay child support, however, any accumulated back child support, or "arrears" is required to be paid, unless agreed otherwise. For this you would have had a prior order to pay support prior to the terminating of the mother's rights. When your rights to a child is terminated it is as if the child was never yours and your rights to the child, and obligation for the child are forever terminated.

Yes, as Alaska is part of the United States. And signing over your parental rights doesn't get you out of paying child support in the great USA. I suggest consulting an Alaskan lawyer for a free consultation.

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