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Do you have to pay child support for a 17-year-old who is not in school?


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The court order designates the terms under which the child support is to be paid. Even if there is an obvious violation of the stated terms the obligated parent may not, of their own accord, cease to make the required payments. Any changes to a court order must be done through the proper procedures as mandated by the laws of the state where the order was originally issued. The safest option would be to obtain legal advice before taking any action.


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What, boarding school is free? Yes, you have to pay your child support payments regardless of where the child is living. They are used to support the child regardless of where they are living.

Yes. Child support in most states makes you obligated to pay until your child is 18, or graduates from high school. If your child is under 18 and in trade school, you still have to pay.

do u have to pay child support when the child is still in school at the age of 18

Yes. Child support is not something you pay so the child will stay in school, it's for their living expenses until they are emancipated and can support themselves.

How do you prove the child is no longer enrolled in school

The child's school status would not, in itself, justify termination of support.

In Louisiana you pay child support until the child is 18 or 19 years of age. If the child is still in high school at the time when he or she turns 18, you would pay until the child is 19 and out of school.

yes you do you need to pay child support till the child has turned 21 :D

You have to pay until they are 18 years old or whatever your child support papers say. Dropping out of school or them becoming pregnant has nothing to do with it. Child support is to help support the child not keep them from dropping out of school or becoming pregnant.

The child's school status would not, in itself, justify termination of support.

Most child support documents require you to pay until 18, or finish school. Check with your child support office or your attorney.

No, I do not have to pay child support.

Yes, if your divorce decree outlines that you must pay child support until your child reaches age 18 you will have to continue to pay even though they have dropped out of school. Once they turn 18 and do not go to college, your child support will quit.

Child support in Ohio usually continues until the child is 18, and up to the age of 21 if the child is in school. Whether or not you have to pay child support if the child is living with the noncustodial parent depends on the support order that it is in place Typically you can expect that you will have to expect to pay support.

Yes, a child dropping out of school has no bearing on child support. Depending on what your divorce decree says regarding child support, it normally terminates when the child turns 18.รŠ

If you are a father, you have to pay child support if the court says so. The age of the father does not matter.

It depends on your state law and support order. In some cases you must pay support while the child is in school, even past 18 years old.

Only if the child has a significant disability.

Yes. Failure to attend school does not emancipate a minor, so you're still obligated to pay child support.

Child support continues as long as the child is still a dependent; this includes school and university, regardless of age.

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