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All SS benefits are subject to court ordered child support collection.

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Q: Do you have to pay child support if social security starts next month?
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How do you apply for social security child support?

There is no such thing as "social security child support." If the child's parent(s) is eligible for Social Security, the child is probably eligible, also. In such a case, the child's benefit is considered child support. If that benefit exceeds the amount ordered for child support, the obligor does not owe any additional payment.

Can back child support be held out of Social Security?

Yes, all Social Security benefits are subject to garnishment for child support obligations.

Can your social security be garnished for child support?

Social Security, yes; SSI, no

Can social security be taken for stepchildren child support?

If you mean the stepparent's Social Security, no.

What is withheld from Social Security Benefits?

Can back child support be withheld from social security benefits

Could a father pay some form of support or child care for an autistic child even if father is on Social Security?

Social Security is income for purposes of determining amount of child support.

If the father who pays child support dies to you still get child support from the government?

Social security

Can a person receive both child support and social security payments at the same time?

Yes, but child support received must be reported to Social Security (or it's fraud).

Can back child support be held out of Social Security Disability benefits?

Yes. All Social Security benefits are subject to garnishment for child support arrears and/or current obligation.

Can I receive back pay child support from my exhusband if I am collecting social security disability. Will my income be taken away from me?

Your Social Security eligibility is not affected by your receipt of child support. One is for you; the other is for your child.

In GA can an ex receive child support from the ex spouse's social security insurance?

Child support is an obligation, social security is a source of income. They really have nothing to do with one another. If you are asking if she can garnish your social security, the answer is yes. Section 459 of the Act (42 U.S.C. 659) allows Social Security benefits to be garnished to enforce child support and/or alimony obligations;

Can child support garnish social security disablity?


Can you get back child support from social security in CA?


Can child support be withdrawn from social security?

Yes, but not from SSI.

Can Child support be deducted from regular Social Security?


The custodial parent is receiving social security for himself and for the two girls and now are receiving child support how does the child support affect the social security he is receiving?

As he's on SSD, none at all.

Can child support take your deceased husband's social security check for child support if the child is an adult now?

Social security payments for the husband stopped upon his death. If the child is under 22 (?) and is still in school, there may be payments due to the child. If you are receiving checks on your own behalf as a widow, those checks are not subject to child support payments. You can call Social Security directly or look online for this information.

How do you collect child support from a disable veteran?

Child support can be garnished from VA and Social Security payments (but not SSI). Your local child support agency can help you with this.

Can you deduct child support payment on your taxes if payment comes out of a social security check?

You can deduct child support if you are the recipient.

Does ex wife collect social security on back child support?


Can Social Security benefits be garnished to pay child support?


Can you collect social security benefits if you are in arrears of child support?


If you die is child support paid besides social security benefits?

If you die you cannot possibly pay child support. The custodial parent needs to apply for Survivor's Benefits through the Social Security Administration.

What happens with child support when the custodial parent goes on social security?

The support obligation continues.

My daughter's mother draws social security through here father she was disabled before 18 does she have to pay child support?

I know if you receive SSI or SSDI you have not paid enough into the Social Security fund to receive legitimate Social Security so therefore it cannot be garnished for child support. So if they were not gainfully employed long enough to accrue some social security they do not have to pay you support.