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You should be able to appeal or request them to take you to court. If its a scam, a judge should see right through it. If its already been paid, you have a different problem.

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Is gofreelance is scam?

Yes, it's a scam. You pay about $3 for a trial membership, then find there's nothing to it, you can't cancel, and they're busy adding charge after charge to your card because - you didn't properly cancel your membership!

Are COACH modeling is a scam?

Yes, they are. They charge you money up front to "activate" your online account. Remember the rule - the point of work is that they are to pay you! Do not pay to work!

Is cashinsurf a scam?

it is totally a scam reach 50$ but they will charge from you instead of giving it to you

What does a SAM charge mean as in a background check?

A scam charge is a charge that could appear on a back ground check. A scam can involve obtaining money or objects illegally by presenting an untrue story.

Is site is real or scam?

scam site it is not possible to pay 12 $ of one click

In your opinion is a scam?

Yes. It is bogus. Noone pays you $75 for a survey. If YOU have to pay.. to get paid.. It is a scam.

If you have a disputed charge on your travel charge card account and are not able to resolve it with the merchants complete and submit a dispute form available from?

Your A/OPC.

Is Michael IRA asen a scam?

Yes, do not pay.

Are those "easy" personal loans drawn on your next paycheck a scam?

Payday loans are not a scam in the sense that they are not illegal. However, they charge extremely high interest rates if you do not pay them back in full by the due date. You should only use these loans as a last resort.

Is RichPtc A Scam?

Yes, it's a scam. You pay an "advance fee", and then do not become rich by clicking on ads or sites.

Are those adds to sell your gold legitimate or some sort of scam?

They do not pay you very well for your gold, but they are not a scam.

How do you download paid version off minecraft i am willing to pay but i dont want to download a scam or something?

It is not a scam i have it...

Would cot charge be a sign of a scam?

No, that's called "rent".

Are there any at home jobs that you don't have to pay for?

You never pay for a at home job, if you do it's a scam

Is Publishers Information Bureau a scam?

Any time you are asked to pay a fee or taxes or service on a prize, know that it is a scam.

What are opinions on iBridge Equity?

Yes, they're a scam. A work at home organization, which will as usual charge you money for the opportunity to work for them. Always the standard sign of a scam. I suggest that if anyone asks you to pay a fee to work, tell them that you'll sign a contract agreeing to pay that fee - in your second month of employment, when you're making all those thousands of dollars a week they speak of!

Is this program scam?

To determine whether or not a program is a scam, ask yourself whether it sounds too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is a scam. Also if you have to pay in order to begin work, it is usually a scam.

Can a creditor remove a charge off?

Yes, a creditor can remove a charge off from your account and your credit reports. Credit bureaus can also delete charge offs from your credit report if they are disputed and not verified.

Is the routing number you were given for Obama to pay utilities a scam?


Is UOPX University of Phoenix a Scam?

University of Phoenix is the biggest scam in the USA in my opinion. You will pay and pay and pay if you stay. The education is YOU teaching YOURSELF, and the Instructors don't answer your questions in a timely manner. also check stay away!!!

What are opinions on nu legacy Rx?

Yes, it's a scam. You pay an "advance fee" and are introduced to an Multi-Level Marketing scam. It won't pay you riches, and won't even make you your "investment" back.

Can a medical facility refuse treatment or doctor visits based on a disputed co-pay charge?

A health care provider can refuse to provide treatment as long as the provider refers to the patient to other providers for continuation of care.

Why charge a small fee for a company to run a credit check on me? does not charge a fee. if some other company tries to charge you, it is probably a scam, don't use them.

Is a company called odyssey consultants a timeshare scam?

Yes, it's a scam. An "advance fee" scam. They say they have a buyer for your timeshare, but you have to pay them a fee up front. You pay, and find out that there is no buyer, and you've lost your money. If you hear a lot about a certain company that it is a scam, better get rid of it as early as possible. You can also inquire to BBB in your local area.

What are opinions on Hanson Carter Financial Source?

It's an "advance fee" scam, in which they promise a loan, but charge a fee. And if you pay it, another fee. As long as you keep paying, they'll keep charging. But you will never get the loan.

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