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the banks make enough money, so if you dont pay them back it wont event make a scratch on their earnings, go ahead and do it!

Nobody will put a gun to your head and force you to pay a debt, but a moral person will do it anyway. By refusing to repaying a loan that you took out in good faith and AGREED to repay, you are removing funds from the student loan program. Asking this question says a lot about you. I suppose you're one of those people who doesn't really have a conscience or ever feel responsibility for your action. Debt is a civil matter and is confined to the country from which it originates. I'm very saddened by the calousness of the person who posted the first answer here.

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Q: Do you have to pay student debt if you leave the country?
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Can you use your Stafford student loan to pay off debt?

No, you cannot use a Stafford student loan to pay off personal debt. The only debt that should be paid off with an educational Stafford loan is your college debt.

What if a non US citizen leave the country and not pay 5.00000 in credit card debt?

You will not be able to come back to the U.S ?

Do you have to pay taxes on your non-federal student loan?

No, it is a debt not income.

If you left a 48000 credit card debt and 15000 car lone in 1992 and you left the US for your home country can you come to the US to live now Im a US citizen The debt is still exist?

yes the debt still can probably go back, but they may never let you leave again until you pay it off. I'm in about same boat. 53000 in student loans to pay off.

How can one pay off student credit card debt?

There are many ways to pay off student credit card debt. Some of the ways to pay off credit card debt are borrow against life insurance, get a home equity loan, renegotiate the term with a creditor and many more.

If you are leaving the country will your credit card debt follow you?

Credit card debt is unsecured loan and it charges higher interest because of the risk people not paying their loan. If you decide to leave the country, then they probably will sell your debt to an collection agency either in your original country or to your new country, but then, the only ( THE ONLY ) thing they can do is just sending you letters asking you to pay for the debt Nothing else.

How can you get assistance from your school to pay off debt from student loans?

There are many ways to pay off the debt from student loans. Unfortuneately, I am unaware of any ways for you to get help from your school in paying off these loans. There are some websites that can help you with paying off your student loans.

Should Students leave school age 16 to pay off education debts?

Why would a student at age 16 have an education debt? In this state in the United States it would be illegal to hold a student responsible for such a debt at that age. Besides, at 16, it would be almost impossible for a student to find almost any decent paying job.

Who did not pay back U.S. debt after World War 1?

Finland is the only country to fully pay back it's WWI debt to the U.S. No other country has.

Can you move out of the country if you have student loans to pay off?

There is nothing to stop you from moving out of the country, however this will not release you from paying off the debt. Do your best to pay off the loan. If you do not, somehow, somewhere, it will come back to bite you in one way or another.

How can student debt be paid off?

"Student debt can be paid off in many ways. Once the student is out of school, they can pay off the entire debt at once or they can consolidate and start making payments. If they go into education, some of their loans will be forgiven if they work in ""at risk"" schools and school districts."

How much money will be needed to pay off a student loan on the average human person?

Depends on your school, the terms in which you pay it back. Average student debt load is $25k.

If a foreign student can't pay his CC debt in the US and has to go back to his country can he make a deal with the company to pay them when he can?

If you have charged items and not paid for them, then your debt is due and payable in full. Your ability to pay and country of origin are not factors. This is a contractual matter. Once a debt becomes delinquent, the entire balance is due. The creditor is not obligated to wait for payment or take partial payment. They may take any legal remedies available to them that are permitted by law.

Can your student loan debt be forgiven if your cosigner dies?

No. Your co-signer promised to pay if you didn't pay. You must repay the loans.

Can you apply for student loans as a student solely to pay off credit card debt?

No. Student loans must be administered by the college bursur and distrubuted according to the lenders instructions.

If you do not pay your 10k cc debt and permanently leave the country but return as a visitor for a few weeks can you be denied entry and would you be arrested at point of entry if CC moved to court?


How difficult is it for someone to pay off their debt without debt resistance?

Debt resistance should be no hindrance in paying down any kind of incurred debt. Ultimately, the biggest hindrance for most people is the lack of income beyond the necessities to pay for certain debts like student loans.

What is the difference between a student loan calculator and a debt calculator?

A student loan calculator helps a student calculate their loan payments based on how much they are expected to earn in their new profession. A debt calculator helps a person know how long it will take to pay off all of their debts and become debt free. The amount entered into the calculator will depend on how much the debtor thinks they will be able to pay over a period of time.

What if you leave for India from US with a credit card debt and then return after 5 years?

You will have to pay the debt + interest on your return to the US assuming the debt collectors have not chased you down in India already.

What country was first to pay World War 2 debt to US?


Do you have to pay back your student loan if you have served a federal prison senternce?

Yes ! Being incarcerated does not absolve you of debt !

How can you keep a collection agency from taking your car?

Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.

Why are many college students in debt?

Many college students are in debt due to student loans. Student loans are specifically provided to pay for ones education. Most college students find it hard to work while in school as well.

Can I use debt consolidation on my student loans?

Debt consolidation is a very good and affordable way to help pay off your student loans. You can talk to your local bank for payment plans and other options that would best suit your needs.

What is the current rate of student loan interest in the UK?

The student loan interest rate in the UK varies annually. Currently it is 2.75%. If a student who borrows from the Student Loan Company does not pay it back within thirty years then the debt is wiped.