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Yes, unless the amount of the loan was covered by the insurance.

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Q: Do you have to pay the bank back for a vehicle if it gets wrecked and the bank pays it off?
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Will your car be covered for a total loss if you are the passenger in the car and the driver gets into an accident and you have full coverage?

It will definetely be covered if the person had a drivers license and insurance on their own vehicle...but it should be covered as long as their vehicle was sitting when your vehicle was wrecked...but also since you were in the vehicle at the time of the accident it should be covered as long as they had a license

What is your obligation if you take the car back to the bank before they come to get it?

When the car gets back to the bank, its sold and the debtor owes the difference between what it sold for and the outstanding balance on the loan. IF it sells for more than is owed, debtor has to pick up the check for the surplus. There are no differences between a voluntary repossession/relinquishment of vehicle by the borrower and the forced repossession/recovery by the lender, except for some of the repossession costs such as towing. FYI, a bank will not allow you to return the vehicle in the sense that you can "drop it off" somewhere.

What makes a motorcycled totaled?

When a vehicle covered by insurance gets wrecked, the insurance company looks at how much it will cost to repair. If repairing the bike costs more than it is worth, then the insurance company declares it totaled and pays for a replacement.

If a person gets their repossessed car back within a certain amount of time can the bank report it on their credit in Arizona?

If a person's car gets repoed, the bank can report it on their CR in any state. When they redeem it doesnt matter, its the fact that it got repoed that gets reported.

How do you get your money back if your car gets repossessed?

A repossessed vehicle is sold at auction to repay the lending institution. After the vehicle is sold, any money will be used first to pay the auction company, the repo agency and then all remaining funds will be applied toward the amount due on the loan. If anything is left over, you should get it. If there is a deficit, the bank will contact you to make arrangements for collection of the amount owed. You typically don't get any money "back", but usually end up owing the bank.

If you paid the fees and got your car back from repo but what if you miss another payment with the bank?

It gets repossessed again.

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Can you trade your truck if you pawned title?

Not until you get your title back. Pay off your loan, get your title back, then you're free to do with it what you will. And if you don't pay your loan to get your title back, the pawn broker gets ownership of that vehicle, and will report it stolen if you refuse to turn over your vehicle to them.

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What is the purpose of a commercial van breakdown cover?

Commercial van breakdown covers are available to ensure that your vehicle gets back on the road quickly. It helps you get the proper maintenance needed to have a working vehicle.

What happens if a car has dents and is repossessed?

It gets placed in the junkyard. In order to get the vehicle back you must you pay your bill, as well as pay your local junkyard company to get your car back.