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My parents did it with existing ductwork.

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Why is iron ore added to a blast furnace?

Because that is where the iron comes from that the blast furnace extracts.

What land purchase doubled the size of America?

The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 bought the territory from France. The purchase was approved by President Thomas Jefferson, and added over 800,000 square miles of land to the existing US.

Why is Limestone added to a Blast Furnace for producing Iron?

it purifies it

Why is limestone added to the blast furnace in the manufacture of iron?


What contains the iron in a blast furnace?

Iron Ore contains the iron in a blast furnace plus any scrap metal that is added.

Will your current CA Insurance cover a non registered new car you have owned for two weeks if you get in an accident?

If you have an existing auto insurance policy, the new vehicle will be covered if it is added to the existing policy within 15 days of the purchase of the new vehicle.

Why is coke added to blast furnace during the extraction of iron?

Its to pureify the mixture.

Car is in your fiances name but is in jail can you still get insurance in it so you can drive it?

No, only those will who have an insurable interest may insure it. You have two options. One is to be added to the title of the vehicle or you purchase it from them and you can purchase insurance on it. Be sure to add your incarcerated fiance as an additional insured. Two, you can be added to the existing policy of your finance...if they have maintained it.

What purchase added territory into Arizona?

The Gadsden Purchase.

How calcium oxide is formed in a blast furnace?

Calcium oxide is not formed here, it is added.

Why is hot air blasted into a blast furnace?

Hot air is blasted into the blast furnace to burn the coke (a cheap form of carbon) added to form carbon dioxide.

How do you install sewer pipes to existing pipes?

Normally at right angles to the existing piping flow, IF it can handle the added volume

What happens when new rows are added to an existing worksheet?

Will automatically adjust.

It is not an adapter at all. This item is added to an order for an existing cable to make one end right angle?

It is not an adapter at all. This item is added to an order for an existing cable to make one end right angle

Why is limestone added to the blast furnace during the extraction of iron?

Iron ore contains the impurities sand and clay, which are silicon oxides. Limestone is added to remove these impurities.

What is an extra tax added to an existing tax on a product or service?

Sales tax

When rows are added to an existing worksheet what do cell references in formulas become?


Can an 8 port switch be added to an existing 8 port switch?


What is the role of the methanol existing in formaldehyde?

Methanol is added for the stabilization of the formaldehyde solution.

What is an input mode in which the existing text moves to the right as new text is added?


How much will a cold air return cost to have it added to your furnace?

The cost is determined by the size of the grille. $.40/square inch

What are the processes involved in steel making?

Iron ore is heated to melting point in a blast furnace. Other elements are added depending on the type of steel required Scrap steel can be melted down in an electric furnace also.

Can you add your wife to your existing Medicare insurance if she is unemployed?

With Medicare, you are on your own plan individually. Your wife, when eligible, would be on her own plan and not added to your existing plan.

What is the difference between amendments and revisions?

A revision is a change to an already existing law or regulation. An amendment is when something completely new or different is added to an already existing law.

Can an extra radiator be added to an existing boiler?

Most likely YES as the added BTU'S required should be no problem as most boilers are over sized