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Yes. Plaster will not stick to paint. You must sandblast off all the old paint plus any loose plaster under the paint. Surface preperation is the key to any good paint or plaster job.

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Q: Do you have to sandblast paint off a gunite or plaster pool in order to re-plaster?
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Can you ruin your pool if you don't water the gunite when your pool is being built?

No the Gunite is the underlayer and base of your pool and has plenty of water in it when it goes on. Now your plaster which is the last coat and the part you swim in needs to be covered with water as soon as the cement workers are finished in order to dry properly. Kenny Kummer brody Chemical

Do you have to sandblast paint off a gunite pool in order to repaint?

It would depend on the condition of the gunite and how many layers of paint are underneath. If the gunite is cracked or popping in places, sandblasting may damage the pool more. If the pool has been painted only one time previously acid washing may suffice. But you will always need to acid wash as a part of prepping the pool prior to painting. If there are several layers of paint on the pool sandblasting will ensure a better paint job. If you go with the acid washing and painting over existing paint be sure to have a chip of paint tested.

Keep plaster of Paris from breaking up?

In order to prevent plaster of Paris from breaking up one can take chopped up fiberfill and placing it in the mixture. Also make sure the plaster of Paris is properly mixed as this will prevent it from breaking.

How much does it cost to replace the gunite in a pool?

I would have to ask you 300 to 400 questions and see the sight in order to give you even a ball park answer to this general question.

How might one go about setting up a starscape in their child's bedroom?

If one wants to set up a starscape you need to make sure that the roof is not made of plaster, because you need special equipment in order to fasten a screw in plaster. If the roof isn't plaster, simply use a screwdriver to fasten a hook in the roof and proceed to hang the starscape from the hook.

What is the plural of ideal?

The plural of ideal is also ideal.Fourteen bags of plaster would be ideal for the job.That's ideal said Tom and Bob we will order them now.

Is there sulfur in concrete?

The main components of concrete are calcium silicates. However, it always has a small portion of plaster, in order to slow down the solidification process, so that it does not become solid too soon. As plaster is hydrated calcium sulphate, the answer is YES, concrete has a small portion of sulfur in sulphate form.

Do you have to sandblast the fiberglass walls of an inground pool in order to repaint it?

Hmmm, was the pool painted before? Why would yo want to paint a fiberglass pool? Are the fiberglass showing or coming off? Do a complete job by having a new fiberglass finish reapplied if the glass has deteriorated. Paint- yuk.

If you have a severe black algae problem that you have been mitigating for years and can't get rid of can getting a very dark blue liner help to hide the black algae stains?

In a word ~ NO. If the algae bloom is that severe maybe a replaster is in order. Sounds like you need to be more diligent on chemistry in the pool along with proper filtration among other things. Sounds like a problem of neglect. Black algae will bore into the plaster unlike green algae. It is very difficult to get rid of especially on rough plaster. You cannot cover over it or paint over it. Oh, the dark blue liner or any liner can and will cover and hide the algae problem but you will still have the algae problem and in fact compound the problem. The algae could bore through the new liner and then where will you be - - right back in the same boat. k

Is there a good way to re-surface a gunite pool yourself?

I just did a full size lap pool using product from it was well worth it..AnswerYou would have to be really good with a cement trowel in order for it to be smooth and dont forget that the prep work is key to it sticking and staying on for years. Make sure you acid wash the old surface and then use a bonding agent like bondkote. I am a pool guy for twenty five years and still arent as good with a trowel as my plaster guy cause he does it all day every day. Some jobs are for professionals.

How do you do order 14 in imagine interior designer?

you have to use plaster, something that they put in the walls. Make sure it is blue. You can use any type of the paper matrerial. id like to know how you do the layout

What can you use to remove large brown stains on white in-ground pool steps after the pool was unused for two years?

The most common way to remove stains from plaster pools is to drain and acid wash the pool. Acid washing removes a very very thin layer of plaster from the pool, so it can only be a finite number of times of the life of the pool before you need to replaster. I highly recommend contacting a professional pool service provider experienced in acid washing, as there are some risks involved. Depending upon how deep the stain has penetrated the plaster, you can realistically expect the stains to, at the least, fade and at absolute best, disappear. Please note that NO reputable, honest service provider should GUARANTEE that they can completely remove all stains, as there is no way to tell how deep it has penetrated. An honest service provider will most likely have you sign a disclosure outlining the risks associated with acid washing as well as what you should and shouldn't expect when the job is done. Most reputable service providers will probably ask for payment in full, in advance, along with the signed Disclosure. This is because the service provider cannot (and should not) guarantee you that all stains will disappear completely, regardless of the quality of the provider's work. (If some stains remain and the customer is less than satisfied, the provider will not want to have to justify his fee in order to get paid and certainly will not want to get stiffed) Please note, however, that there are other benefits to an acid wash beside increased aesthetic appeal. Minerals and dirt build up in the plaster and are removed during an acid wash, making for better water chemistry and increased plaster life expectancy. Left untreated, these deposits can eventually displace the plaster's surface causing it to "pit".

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