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Plus the doctor has to decide which Birth Control is best for you since not all birth control pills are the same.

Go to your nearest family planning clinic if you dont want to go to your doctor and exolain things to them they will them prescribe it if its needed and it is all private and confidential

You cannot go to a pharmacy to pick up birth control pills without a prescription.

If you go to a planned parenthood center my doctor told me herself that you can go there and get birth control pills for free and confidentially,

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Q: Do you have to see a doctor if you want to be put on birth control or can you just go to a pharmacy and pick it up?
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Where in Kuwait can you get birth control pills?

At any pharmacy. Just walk in and ask for it by name. However if you are underage they will not sell it to you.

How do you go about getting sterilized as birth control?

Just go see a doctor about it.

Can you take morning after pill with birth control if you just started birth control?

Yes, you can take the morning after pill with birth control. If you have any medical questions, you will need to speak to your doctor.

Does Klonopin affect the birth control pill?

I just called my pharmacy because I had the same concern - the answer is no. Although klonopin is an anti-seizure drug, it is in a different class that does not affect birth control. If anything, the birth control will INCREASE the effects of klonopin. That's what they told me!

Is it bad to have your period twice a month?

your period is just irregular go to the doctor and get on birth control.

You started birth control a day too early what do you do?

Check with your doctor. Should be okay, just this once.

Does the nicotine patch affect birth control?

I would think it would be, but check with your doctor just to be sure.

Birth Control So I just started birth control today Wednesday but my period started yesterday Tuesday and I have the 28 pack I was wondering if I am taking them right?

You should call your doctor to get clarification of how to take your birth control pills. Birth control pills are supposed to be started on the Sunday after your period begins.

Can you get yasmin birth control pill in china?

Yes. I just bought it at the local pharmacy here in Nanjing. Of course, make sure that you buy it from a reputable pharmacist.

Does birth control protect against getting pregnant when you are on your period and just started it?

i just recently got on birth control myself. my gyno. and pharamacist both said it take 7 days to start working as a contraceptive. i may suggest calling your local pharmacy and asking them for help.

Can a Doctor of Pharmacy PharmD write Doctor with his name?

yes...for sure..the degree is "Doctor of Pharmacy" . Dr is just a title, honour for degree, they are pharmacy officers(Pharmacists) entitled "Dr" like MBBS degree holders are medical officers entitled as "Dr"

How do you go on birth control?

Depends on the birth control. If it's a prescription method, like the pill or an IUD, visit a doctor. If you're using a barrier like condoms or creams, just go to a drugstore.

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