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No. Several Presidents were governors or held other political office prior to becoming President. Some held no political office at all.

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Q: Do you have to win he senate's seat before competing with the president in the presidential election?
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How does Justices reach the court through?

Justices reach the Supreme Court through appointment by the President with Senate approval

What are the next four years that presidents and senates will be selected in the same year?

A US president is elected every four years. The next Presidential election is in 2012. US Senators are elected every six years; however, one third of all the senate is up for election every two years. So in conclusion, every four years a president and a senator is elected. 2012, 2016, 2020.

What official is the president of the senates?

Vice President

What are the 15 people called that help the president?

Executive branch, Judicial branch, and the Legislaitve branch.

What is the Senates role to the vice president?

To take over the president if he dies.

Why do you think senates must give consent to presidential appointments?

To limit the presidents power

Who takes over in the president of the senates absence?

the President pro tempore of the Senate

Do both houses of congress have to confirm the president's appointments?

The Senate is the only house of Congress that has the power to approve presidential appointments.

Who brakes a tie in senates votes?

The Vice-President of the United States.

Who serves in the presidents of the senates absence?

vise president of the senate I think

During the 1920's Franklin D Roosevelt's political ideas were?

to decides whether a law is Constitutional , proposes that when a justice reaches age 70, the president should be allowed to add another justice and get senates to approve presidential appointing

What punishment can senates give the president for abusing power?

Impeachment could cause an official or The President forced to leave office.