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There are several rescue shelters that have Siberian Huskies that actually where i got my oldest one

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Are Siberian husky near extinction?

No! I don't know were you would have herd that.

Are Siberian husky good pets?

Well, It depends.Have You Had A Dog Before?Do You Know How To Care For One?If any of these questions have the answer 'No', then to you they are not good pets. It really depends on the owner. They need to know the abilities you need to own the pet. It is hard work for this breed, as they are know to be aggressive and fussy. So, If you are looking to adopt or buy a Siberian Husky, First, find out about them.Hope this helped!

How tall does a pit bull mixed with a Siberian husky get?

Wouln't know, most likely very short and ulgy and never heard of any one stupid enough to breed a Siberian husky and a pitbull together.

What is a consumer of a Siberian Huskie?

I don't know, but just saying, you spell huskie like this: *Husky* Okay?

Where can you buy purebred Siberian Huskies?

The best way to find a purebred Siberian Husky is through a breeder. Talk to local shelters or animal services that may know of breeders. They are often listed in the classified sections of newspapers also.

What makes the breed of Siberian husky?

Siberian huskies are a very old breed of dog, one of the oldest actually so it is tough to know exactly who their descendents were. We do know that their descendents were just called "sled dogs" and that Siberian Huskies are part of the Spitz family.

What kind of meat does Siberian husky eat?

Siberian huskies will eat it all. I know mines favorite it chicken and steak. They love all kinds of meat and it provides a lot of protine for them.

What are Siberian husky used for?

As far as i know, Siberian huskies are primarily "used" for towing sleighs in polar conditions, such as Greenland or Antarctica. But they also make great, fluffy, adorable pets haha.

Are Siberian husky good with kids?

They are good around kids they know, but if they're not socialised properly they may bite kids they're not used to.They're okay.

What type of dogs were Siberian huskies bred from?

From what I know, apparently they were not bred, they were given birth by Wolves/Wolverine but their bodies were not exactly like wolves, so given the name Siberian Husky, and from then they used them as sleigh dogs. Really. Teacher told me that.

Can a Siberian husky develop diabetes?

Sadly, yes they can, though I do believe it's rare. I had one of my pups die from diabetes because back then we didn't know they could have it.

How much is the webkinz signature Siberian husky?

um about 50 to 400 dollars but i do know a site were you can get it for only 40 dollars with code still instock and not ebay or amazon

Names for a husky?

I myself have a husky, and I named him Demon. Demon came to me because of that movie "Snow Dogs" I have a husky its a female i don't know what to name her its really hard to find names for huskies

What does husky mean?

The 2 that i know of is husky as in raspy voice and then there is husky as in the beutiful breed of dog!

How does a Siberian husky survive?

There thick skin and poofy hair helps them stay warm during the chilly months and they are just so cute.they survive by breathing, eating, and drinking - you know, the basics.

How long do huskies live?

Siberian huskies can live from 12- 15 years some can live to 19(know a friend who has a purebreed Siberian husky male that is 19 years old and still living),it just depends on it is feed and how much exercise it gets each day.7 - 15 years

What are behavioral adaptations of a husky?


How much does a purebred Siberian kittens cost?

They usually range from around $500 to $1500 if you buy them from professional breeders. It isn't easy to find them on craigslist or at a local shelter. I know this because I am currently trying to find a siberian for myself, lol! :)

Where can you find sheet music for free to Christina's song fighter?

i don't know if you can find it for free, but you can preview it for free!

Is a husky a large breed dog?

a husky is a large breed dog.

How old is husky?

you need to elaborate on that a bit more for an answer i think .. do you want to know how old the husky breed is in general ?

Where can you download husky on zoo tycoon 2?

zoo tycoon ABC has dogs but i dont know if theres A husky

How do you know if your German shepherd is part Siberian husky?

It may show Husky traits such as: - A love for digging - Howling - Unusual markings - Blue eye(s) - Stubborn personality - Over grooming You can't be sure of a dogs heritage unless you have papers to prove its a pedigree. Any dog without papers could have mixed bloodlines, no matter how far back.

How can you get my cat to get along with my dog he was born in my house and hated dogs and my dog is a male Siberian Husky and my cat is an orange tabby with a little bit of Siamese in him?

try to get them to spend time together if animals know each other they get along better

How much does an unregistered pure bred Siberian husky cost?

Hello and it's good to see that you are interested in this unique breed but it sounds as if you want it at low cost. There are many dangers to getting an unregisted husky. Many of those dangers include the misstreatment of the "husky" by the breeder because they do not have to prove to the certification committee that they are providing adequate housing and care for the animal. I say husky in quotations because you may not be getting a pure bred husky. If your looking for a low cost husky you should first reconsider getting the breed altogether because they aren't a cheap bread. They require your time and money. So you really need to weigh your options when considering a husky and remember most huskies end up in shelters because the owners do not understand the unique needs of this breed. I know because I am an owner of a husky and she is amazing but very energetic and she requires lots of attention.