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no im the one who asked the question

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Q: Do you know where to find a Sparkle the Desktop Pony icon?
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How do you put a program icon on desktop?

Find the program's icon in explorer, right click on it, then select send to, then desktop (create shortcut). Done

How do you get the icon Desktop for Windows xp?

right click on desktop and properties desktop customize desktop and select icon to view it on your desktop and click OK

How do you create an icon on a laptop computer?

If you right click on your desktop and go down to new and click on shortcut then go to browse and find what you what for an icon in your screen, you click okay then next then finish you have the icon on your desktop.

How do you remove an icon from the desktop on a mac without putting the application in the trash?

When you remove an icon from the desktop on a Mac, you do not put the application in the trash only the desktop icon.

What is a desktop icon that points to a program you can execute?

An Icon.

How do you get a Gmail icon on your desktop?

You can save the Gmail icon from Google images. It has got the icon of the Gmail software. Then you can place the image on desktop.

What is desktop symbol?


What are the icon on desktop?

The icons on a desktop are referred to as APPS or shortcuts.

How do you keep a website icon when using Google Chrome instead of their icon on your desktop?

You cannot use the website icon on the desktop. You can always add the bookmarks, which are same as icon of page.

What is difference between icon and shortcuts?

In my perspective, I don't really think there is a difference. Icon is the little picture thingys you find out the desktop. When you click shortcut for something, it will appear the same as an icon on the desktop. So I don't really think there's a difference.

How do you get a Facebook icon on your desktop?

you cant

Why can't I get an icon for Minecraft on my desktop?

It might be because of your memory space or computer. Find Minecraft in your programs via the Start Menu. Right-click it, then click "Create Shortcut". An icon should appear on your desktop.

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