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Homeschooling, of course, because not only is that child in a better enviroment, but his parents can put lots of attention on him or her, answer his questions and that child won't have to share one adult w/ 20 something other kids. Though that is true, some believe homeschooled children do not learn socialization, such as dealing with annoying children and other people. They believe children can socialization skills only in a public school enviroment, and that some homeschooled children are not prepared socially to live in the real world because homeschooling shelters them from normal life experiences. While it would be foolish to say this is not true for a certain percentage of homeshooled children, it is equally foolish to say that all public school children are adequately socialized to live in the real world. Responsible parents who homeschool their children provide socialization activities. With many groups (Scouting, dance lessons, music lessons, etc), sports (Little League, soccer, swimming, etc), plus church activities for those who participate in religious activities, and other group activities avaiable, no homeschooled child needs to suffer from a lack of socialization. In addition, many if not most, parents who homeschool recognize that socialization is important, causing them to link with other parents to provide socialization activities for their children. The statement that socialization is problematic for homeschooled children is just false! In fact, if one was to do a study comparing socialization of public school children and homeschooled children, I would guess that the homeschooled children are far advanced in every aspect of education, including socialization. The issue is not which is better in general, the quality of education always depends upon the teacher and the learning environment. If parents who homeschool are not dedicated, prepared, nor have developed teaching skills, the child's education will suffer for it. Likewise in public educational systems if teachers are not qualified, the environment is not conducive to learning, necessary learning materials are not provided, the students will not receive the level of education they need and deserve.

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Q: Do you learn more in homeschooling or in public schooling?
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Why is homeschooling better than public schooling?

I am home schooled on my computer with a program called CAVA (California Virtual Academies) they have a program with k12 an online homeschooling program. With CAVA you have your own teacher, and you have class sessions too where you can video chat with the teacher and other students. Home schooling is more academically challenging. Thats why its a better option then public school.

Why public schools are better than homeschooling?

One benefit of public schools is that the children have the opportunity to learn alongside their peers instead of just their siblings. Another benefit is that the education is more diverse.

In kid's opinion is homeschooling better or public schools?

I don't know if I would be considered a kid or not, but I am in that age group, and I think homeschooling is better than pubic schools. You get more one on one time, therefore, I think, you learn more. You also get to go on field trips more and do science experiments more.

Does homeschooling cost more than public school?

depends on the school

What are the benefits to homeschooling your children?

There are many pro and cons to homeschooling your child. You'd get to spend more with your children and you'll get to choose what they learn about and the methods you do it. You can also get to experience field trips and all the fun stuff with your children. Then again, I believe public school will help with your child's socialization skills. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to homeschooling.

Is public school better then homescool?

No. Homeschooling is more biblical and it is better for you in many ways!

Is homeschool boring?

It would depend on the type of homeschooling environment. Some may think homeschooling is boring because it is conducted at home and they believe no interaction with the outside world is made. However, contrary to the belief, homeschooling can have just as many mind stimulating activities as public schooling if not more if done properly. There are also still such things as recesses and lunch and children are able to interact with other home-schoolers depending on how their teaching is done. Some homeschooling may be boring, the same as public schooling if the child at hand finds no interest in whatever the environment around them has to offer. It's also if the teacher makes little to no effort to get the child involved in their work.

Do you learn faster when you are homeschooled?

Some people learn much faster because homeschooling gives you more one-on-one time with the teacher.

Why homeschooling is a good idea?

Homeschooling is a good idea because it helps you to spend more time with your children. It helps your children to learn to self teach and to learn at their own place based on their own interest and giftedness. If you want to learn more about the inner workings of a functional homeschool, check out all these FREE homeschool resources on this website.

Where can I find more information on homeschooling programs?

You can look up home schooling programs all over the internet. You may also wish to contact your school district office, or the federal or provincial government for the requirements of home schooling.

What is K12?

K12 is a on-line curriculum. It offers Home schooling curriculum, public school options, virtual academy schools, virtual charter, distance learning programs for elementary and high school grades, in Science, Math, History, English, Language Arts and more! Go to the Related Link below to learn more about this wonderful home schooling option, and it allows your child too learn farther than public schools

Is home schooling better than public school?

Homeschooling is better than public school because you can learn more about what job your going to have when you grow so you can acually succseed to having that job. such as an attorney, brain surgent, doctor ect. im am 13 yers old and homeschooled i went to public school last year 7th grade and all i learned about is what i didnt need to learn about. The teacher just puts a piece of paper on the desk and thats what you have to do. While im homeschooled i have a choice about what i want to learn. Many homeschoolers sucseed in life. teachers in the public schooles cant care enough about all these other childrens lives and how thier future is going to be.

Where can I get more info about home schooling?

Homeschooling or homeschool (also called home education or home based learning) is the education of children at home, typically by parents but sometimes by tutors, rather than in other formal settings of public or private school. Although prior to the introduction of compulsory school attendance laws, most childhood education occurred within the family or community,[1] homeschooling in the modern sense is an alternative in developed countries to attending public or private schools.

How is home schooling beneficial?

The biggest benefit to home schooling is that you are in control of what your children learn and how and when they learn that material. "Through home schooling, your children will get more personal attention than they would be able to receive in a classroom with 20-15 other children."

How much schooling does it take to learn how to become a professor?

It requires seven or more years of schooling to become a professor. It requires a whole lot of education.

More reasons why computers are good?

computers are good because you can learn on them and do home schooling

Which is better for bullied kids homeschooling or public school?

I would personally say homeschool so they won't get bullied any more.

Why is home schooling becoming more popular?

Because the public school system has failed us.

Is homeschooling good for kids?

It depends on the type of kid. Lots of people have had very good experiences homeschooling. The way public schools are going, I would recommend you homeschooling your kid(s) Some people say that your kid(s) will be shy and wont know how to cope in real life. But there is other ways to teach them that. If you enroll them in other programs so that they can make friends, it would be fine. Homeschooling is a good choice because it gives families time together and help the kids learn more because of the one on one time with the "teacher" You as the parent also get to control what your kid is being taught, where as in public school, they may be brain washing your kid and you wouldn't even know it.

Where can I get more information on homeschooling programs?

When it comes to homeschooling the rules and information varies from state to state. I recommend looking at to get accurate information regarding homeschooling in your state.

Why is home schooling more individual?

Because there is pretty much only one teacher(or more) that's only teaching one or maybe two, three students.Isolated a bit unless you already have friends. It's good if you like homeschooling or is a loner.

Where can I learn more about home schooling programs?

There are several websites that offer information about home schooling. Check in with your local school system, which likely has a division for home schooling. You want to be sure that you are meeting the requirements set forth by the state. Check out these websites: AND AND for more information.

Where can I find homeschooling programs?

K12 is the number one choice in K-12 online education programs in America. ... learning for many tuition-free, virtual public schools, as well as homeschooling. + Show stock quote for LRN10 May 2010 " The Grace Academy gives you the best qualities of Christian Curriculum, Private Tutoring and a Christian Online Homeschooling Program.

Do you learn more at boarding school to public school?


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