Do you learn more in homeschooling or in public schooling?

Homeschooling, of course, because not only is that child in a better enviroment, but his parents can put lots of attention on him or her, answer his questions and that child won't have to share one adult w/ 20 something other kids. Though that is true, some believe homeschooled children do not learn socialization, such as dealing with annoying children and other people. They believe children can socialization skills only in a public school enviroment, and that some homeschooled children are not prepared socially to live in the real world because homeschooling shelters them from normal life experiences. While it would be foolish to say this is not true for a certain percentage of homeshooled children, it is equally foolish to say that all public school children are adequately socialized to live in the real world. Responsible parents who homeschool their children provide socialization activities. With many groups (Scouting, dance lessons, music lessons, etc), sports (Little League, soccer, swimming, etc), plus church activities for those who participate in religious activities, and other group activities avaiable, no homeschooled child needs to suffer from a lack of socialization. In addition, many if not most, parents who homeschool recognize that socialization is important, causing them to link with other parents to provide socialization activities for their children. The statement that socialization is problematic for homeschooled children is just false! In fact, if one was to do a study comparing socialization of public school children and homeschooled children, I would guess that the homeschooled children are far advanced in every aspect of education, including socialization. The issue is not which is better in general, the quality of education always depends upon the teacher and the learning environment. If parents who homeschool are not dedicated, prepared, nor have developed teaching skills, the child's education will suffer for it. Likewise in public educational systems if teachers are not qualified, the environment is not conducive to learning, necessary learning materials are not provided, the students will not receive the level of education they need and deserve.