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I neither do nor don't. They're more expensive - especially on the weekends, so I don't recommend them unless you have the money to afford them.

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Do you like daytime weddings?

Yes - especially if the sun is shining! They're less expensive than night weddings, and the bride and groom can have night time all to themselves!

What are Irish weddings like?

the weddings are very buitiful

Why are Jewish weddings held on Sundays?

It's because Shabbat is from Friday night to Saturday night.

Are Turkish weddings religious?

They can be, but it depends on the family. It is just like in the United States, you can have religious weddings and you can have secular weddings.

Are rings used for Hinduism weddings?

yes it is like all over weddings.

Do Christians always celebrate weddings in an after party?

No, they have regular weddings like the North and South America.

Where do Indians hold their weddings?

Nature is an important part of our culture, we have christian weddings in the church, we also like small garden weddings open to God with family.

Are noon weddings good to have?

Yes! They're less expensive than night weddings, and you'll have extra time to prepare - just don't forget to eat breakfast!

What are weddings like in Mongolia?

Very nice

What were vikings weddings like?

a viking wedding

Do christian weddings have music?

Catholic weddings typically have organ music, and it is scarce. Christian weddings, depending on the church, could have lots of gospel music. Christian weddings don't follow a strict procedure, like catholic weddings. Anything goes - music, prayer, etc.

Is a 6 pm wedding formal?

Yes and no. Formal weddings usually take place at night.

Are weddings fun?

Yes! Its like a party with cake.

What is the difference between Sikh and Hindu weddings?

One is the time of day Sikh- Morning Hindu-Night

Are all Jewish weddings performed on the sabbath?

Jewish weddings are normally not performed on the Sabbath. (Many are performed on Saturday night or Sunday, explicitly because many forms of work cannot be done on Shabbat.)

Why aren't Greek weddings bilingual like Jewish weddings?

Some of them are. I attended one right here in the US, and I was relieved part of it was in English!

Do Jewish weddings have ushers?

Ushers aren't necessary, but you can have them if you like.

How many days do Indian weddings last?

it depends. well most of the Indian weddings last for about 1 week as it includes many events like the engagement,wedding and reception. Indian weddings are very spiritual and fancy so a lot of time is used up for the weddings.

Do Jews have anything like weddings?

Yes, we do have weddings and it's a very beautiful ceremony made up of several parts both public and private.

What do Muslims eat at weddings?

great foods its basically like American weddings but they don't drink wine or beer but they drink juice and good foods

Where do africans dance at?

they dance for ceramonial reasons like funarals or weddings

What type of food is served at weddings?

It depends on the wedding and what you want to serve there. Most weddings have some sugar mints and cake for desset and that is what a lot of people like.

DJ Weddings?

DJ weddings are a great experience for guests who like to get up and dance. With extensive catalogs of music, the mood can be switched up with the click of a mouse.

What makes Twelfth Night a comedy?

Check the ending. Any funerals? Nope. Any weddings? Yep. It's a comedy.

What was the ending to a mid summer's night dream?

Everyone gets married, the fairies bless the weddings and Puck says the epilogue.