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It is a full key board phone, it comes in blue, red, or black. The red, and blue have designs on the frount of the phone, the black one does not.

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Where can you get a sprint lg rumor?

You could get it at a Sprint Store near you

Does a sprint lg rumor have unlimited texting?


Does ATT have lG rumor?

no the rumor comes exclusively with sprint. the LG Rumor was designed to be a special and valuble phone and they are going to make use of it, by making sprint receive more money. they also made a rant, but if you can go with sprint i would stick with the rumor

Can you get a sprint phone cheap?

check out the lg rumor touch. it is $20.00 and it is sprint

What is the best sprint phone?

I think that the best Sprint Phones is the LG rumor! It as a ful Keyboard so yea! Get it! I think that the best Sprint Phones is the LG rumor! It as a ful Keyboard so yea! Get it!

How do you fix a Sprint LG Rumor if it freezes in the browser?

Pop the battery out. That's the only way to reset a frozen LG Rumor.

How much is the Sprint LG Rumor?

At Wal-Mart it cost's about...$279.99.

Is the LG 99 available to Sprint customers?

Sprint never carried the LG 99. Current available new buyable phones for LG though Sprint; Muziq Rumor LX400 A list of old and new pones from LG trough Sprint can be found in the related links below.

Is the lg rumor 2 an AT and T phone?

No it's only a Sprint phone.

Can you get the LG rumor 1 from virgin mobile?

Yes and also you can get them from sprint but they are not online you can get them at stores.

Is the LG Scoop the same as the LG Rumor?

Yes the LG Scoop and LG Rumor are the same. The only reason they have different names is because different phone companies rename it. I have the phone, and I have it through alltel, so its considered the LG Scoop. But one of my friends have it through Sprint and its considered the LG Rumor. Hope this helps!g

What is the best phone from Sprint?

The Instinct by Sprint and The Blackberrys and the Rumor by LG are the best phones from Sprint. I have the Instinct and it is the best! You won't regret it. Sprint is very pricey so watch it!

Is the Sprint LG Rumor 2 discontinued?

Yes; the Rumor2 has been discontinued by Sprint because the Rumor Touch, its successor, has become too popular. However, the Rumor2 is still available through some carriers like Virgin Mobile.

LG Rumor Touch or LG Optimus S?

I Have Sprint so would have to pay an extra $10 a month and i am 14 with no job

Where can I access a free online user manual for a LG Rumor Touch?

You may obtain access to a user manual for the LG Rumor Touch on the LG website, Virgin Mobile USA ( and Sprint ( provide access to user guides on their websites.

Does the Lg phone by Sprint Rumor 2 take videos?

No the Rumor 2 does not take video but it does take pictures. The Rumor 1 could take video though.

How much does a LG Rumor touch cost?

Sprint - $29.99. look at the website Virgin Mobile - $149.99

Are you happy with the lg rumor?

Well, I have an LG rumor 2, and the only thing I don't like about tit is that mine doesn't have a video recorder. But iv'e heard the LG rumor has it :p (POOR ME) !!!!!

Where can I learn about the lg rumor touch?

Sprint and LG are working together on this one. Here is their post Yes it does come in red and looks great too.

Im with sprint and i have an lg rumor but i want the htc touch pro 2 how much do you think that would be with a 1yr upgrade?

If you\'re with Sprint and have an LG Rumor, but want the HTC Touch Pro 2, the cost may vary. It is best to check with your local Sprint store to see how much time is remaining on your current contract and if they are running any promos.

What is the difference between a lg rumor and a lg 260 rumor?

i have an LG 260 and my friend has an LG RUMOR and i think the only difference is the name lol. Seriously

Does the LG rumor come in green?

yes cus i have a green lg rumor

Has the rumor phone been discontinued?

If you mean the Lg Rumor then no it hasn't been discontinued. Lg actually just came out with the Lg rumor 2

What is the difference between the LG Rumor and the LG Rumor 2?

The lg rumor 2 is more new and there is a difference the lg rumor 2 is thiner then the lg rumor and the lg rumor 2 has a smiley face button so if you are texting and you want a face you click on the smiley face and alot of faces come up so you can choose one and the keyboard is better.

Are the lg rumor touch the same from virgin mobile and sprint?

if the tmobile phone uses a sim card then no, if it doesnt then probably. if the phone is locked you will have to call tmobile or lg for the unock codes

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