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on because god made a way that everyone the same

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โˆ™ 2012-04-27 01:32:39
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Q: Do you like the way i look?
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Are there any galaxies that look like the Milky Way?

There are no galaxies that look exactly like the Milky Way, however the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy and there are plenty that look just like it.

What is another way to say look like?

To look like something is to resemble it.

What do fireflies wings look like?

just like you are made the way you are that how fireflies that why the look like that.

Do you like the way i look kk?

Yes I do

Why do no girls like you?

Well, it might be if you're mean, or young, or they don't like the way you look. But if they don't like you because of the way you look then they're not worth liking at all.

Why do horses look like that?

the reason horses look the way they do is because of their ansestory

What attracts boys to girls?

well men just like the way you look (*there just pigs and want you to do uncomfortable things*) he should like you for the way you are not how you look.

What does Tsarmina from the book Mossflower by Brian Jacques look like?

well... there is no "look" for her... it's what you want her to look like by the way you take in the description

Why do people not like the way they look?

there don't feel like threre are not getting the feel they want to they think people don't like enjoying seeing them in same condition there are in they think people out there will not like the Way they look .

What does it look like to die?

depends what way you die.

Did Sora's Heartless look like Sora?

no way

How can you change the way your children will look like?


Does jimmy look like a guy?

No way cbfbnfn

Why do chameleons look like that?

Because it evolved that way

What does Milky Way look like up close?

were in it. Look up milky way on Google and you will see some pictures takes from the ground that's what it looks like.

How did monster trucks get its name?

I think they get it from the way they look cause they look they look like monsters and they are trucks.

Why does Orochimaru from Naruto look like he does?

Their wasn't any accidents that made him look that way he justs looks like that because he was born like that.

What attracts a boy most?

First, they have to like the way you look, then they have to like your personality.

What does Allison hackney look like?

she looks like taylor swift..... in a way:)

How can you look like Avril lavigne?

you cant look like Avril lavigne be cause it all depends on the way you look when you come out of your mothers belly

What will the grand canyon look like in the future?

There is no way to tell what the Grand Canyon will look like in the future. It is possible that it will widen.

How do you look at the guy you like and know he feels the same way too?

If he looks at you the same way you look at him you can tell it is a beautiful moment.

What does the avox girl from the huger games look like?

I LOVE THAT BOOK! I don't know if they ever described what they look like. I suggest you look up and see if they did.........if it dosen't describe there look, then there is no possible way of know what they look like.

What does it mean when a guy looks at you and smiles and you have heard that he is interested in you?

Of course, it depends, sweetie. If they look at you for longer then two or three seconds, and repeatedly look your way, then they like you. If they look at you in a disgusted way, then that means obviously that they don't like you.

Why does rain look like the way it is?

Basicly, it is water tension.