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I try my best to live as if He was going to return this afternoon, I don’t want to be left behind. Or anyone else sonI share the good news as much as I can.

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Stephen Lewis

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โˆ™ 2020-10-04 21:42:45
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Q: Do you live as if Jesus will return tomorrow?
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Was Jesus Christ from Venus?

Jesus was from Venus and tomorrow there will be a Venus transit which marks the return of the Christ consciousness!

Will there be healing just before jesus' return?

Jesus' return will come without warning. Healing has nothing to do with Jesus' return.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow learn as if you were to live forever?

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."It is a quote by Mohandas Gandhi.

Who told the disiples that jesus would return again?

Jesus himself said he would return.

When will hulk hogan return?

tomorrow, and hes in your closet!

Does Jesus know WHEN He will return?

Jesus knows everything.

Will Christ return in 2018?

No person knows the time Jesus will return again. It could be in 2018 or not Not sure if Christ Jesus will return in 2018.

Does Christianity and Islam believe Jesus will return?

Christianity does believe Jesus will return. Islam does not and believes Jesus was just a prophet--not the son of God.

What is the future tense of the verb return?

Will return.ALSOam/is/are going to - He is going to return returning - The boys are returning later this afternoon.

When Jesus leaves heaven to return to earth Where is the Father?

There are no reliable source that supports an exact day of Jesus' return.

What are the ratings and certificates for Tomorrow We Live - 1936?

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What radio station in Tampa Florida will broadcast Super Bowl live tomorrow?

As there is no Super Bowl game tomorrow, no radio station (in Tampa or not) can broadcast it live tomorrow.

Who allowed jesus to return from exile and rebulid the temple in jerusalem?

The return from exile predated Jesus by over five centuries.

Will Jesus return in body or spirit?

AnswerWhether Jesus will return at all is a matter of faith. The earliest prophecy of his return is in Mark's Gospel, where Jesus is portrayed as saying that he would return on clouds of glory in the lifetimes of those then living. This clealry failed to happen, and the gospels that were written after Mark altered this to say that no one knows when Jesus will return.Since it is a matter of faith whether Jesus will return, it is also a matter of faith whether that return will be in body or in spirit. You may choose which to believe, confident that no one will prove otherwise.

Who said love one another like there is no tomorrow?

Mahatma Ghandi : "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

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When Jesus coming?

Jesus said that even he did not know the date of his return.

Will Jesus return in 2018?

Not sure that he will or not

You buy a car today and want to return it tomorrow can you?

If you have a viable exuse, yes.

What has the author George Ritchie written?

George Ritchie has written: 'Return from tomorrow'

When will Jesus Christ return?

Never, there is no such thing.

Where is Jesus mentioned about his return in Koran?

somewhere in there

Will Jesus return according to Islam?

Yes. Sure. Muslims believe that Jesus PBUH will return to this world, to uproot all evil & suffering, to spread all happiness, peace & prosperity all over the world. Jesus' return is one of the signs of the doomsday.

When does xbox live go back on?


Will Jesus come back in the next four years?

A:Every few years we hear rumours and stories of Jesus' impending return, but these prophecies never come true. Once again, Jesus will not return in the next four years.The apostle Paul reveals in his epistles that he confidently expected Jesus to return in his own lifetime. This was taken up by Mark's Gospel, which has Jesus tell his listeners that Jesus would return on clouds of glory within the lifetime of some of those then present, even describing the terrible events of the First Roman-Jewish war as heralding that return. Over the centuries and right down to the present day, there have been expectations of Jesus' imminent return. In a thousand years time, any Christians will still be waiting expectantly for Jesus to return soon.