Do you loose size after taking creatine?

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no,you can use Ayurveda treatment for that you can adopt Punch-karma.
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Is it ok to take Creatine while taking protein and glutamine?

Well, when u say 'OK", i presume you mean safe and effective. If that's the case, then all creatine, protein and glutamine products are good for your body especially if you are body building. Creatine is a natural compound produced by the body in minimal amounts which helps in quick muscle recovery ( Full Answer )

Is creatine safe and if so how long should you take it?

Yes, creatine is not an anabolic steroid and does not require cycling to avoid side effects.\nIt is generally considered safe when taken within the recommended doses\n(under 10-15 grams daily with a carbohydrate source for better absorption), and assuming the person stays well hydrated while using i ( Full Answer )

Can women take creatine and ripped fuel at the same time?

Answer . Yes. I don't know what "ripped fuel" is, but any body-building supplement can be consumed just as safely by women as by men. Pregant or nursing women should consult a doctor prior to beginning a supplement regime.

What is creatine?

Creatine is chemically related to a similar substance found naturally in the body , ie., creatinine. It is unrelated to anabolic steroids, and when taken with carbohydrates after strength training may increase the water retained in muscle cells, thus enlarging the overall muscle size. It has no adve ( Full Answer )

What does Creatine do?

Creatine enhances stores of the high-energy compound creatine phosphate (CP) in muscles. Theoretically, the more creatine phosphate in muscles, the higher the intensity at which an athlete can train. High-intensity training stimulates the muscles to adapt, which, in turn, improves performance. C ( Full Answer )

How much water should you drink while taking creatine?

At least 80oz a day. Answer I don't know what 80oz is in litres, but at least 2 litres a day and possibly more. By the time you feel thirsty, you are all ready mildly dehydrated. In the loading phase of your creatine use, you will also need to increase your water intake. Personally, I tend ( Full Answer )

Can a 14 year old take creatine?

Yes, you can take creatine as a 14 year old but you must work out or it can or will be dangerous to your health , and you must know how to use it, such as drinking alot of water and taking it for 3 months and not taking it for 2 months. You can use it but there are some side affects. . Yes, but re ( Full Answer )

How long does it take a girl to get loose?

A vagina doesn't get loose unless she's given birth. And that is not a lasting effect. If you are in pain during sex it is most likely because you are not aroused and wet enough. Lube can never replace natural discharge. You can try having a orgasm first before he enters. Men sometimes say they thin ( Full Answer )

What amount of creatine should you take for just maintenance?

There is no such thing as maintenance with creatine. If you are not working out, you should stop taking creatine. Even if you are following a maintenance program for your workout (lifting with less intensity or lifting fewer times), you should stop creatine consumption.

When should you take creatine?

Any one looking to gain lean muscle tissue can take creatine. It will help gain lean muscle and increase strength.

What happens when you are done taking creatine?

you begin to lose muscle weight.........all tht bloated muscle tht u got after taking creatine is mostly water, so when u stop u began to lose water and thus shrink ur muscle size..........

Should you take a water pill with creatine?

It is not safe to a water pill with creatine. Certain drugs likeacetaminophen and diabetes medication can also cause dangerousinteractions with creatine.

Can teenagers take creatine?

Teens should not start taking it. . The answer is yes, people under 18 can take creatine. But.... Given that it's always best to instill the ethics of getting a benefit from hard work and not cheating, many experts recommend NOT having teens take creatine until after high school so they can achie ( Full Answer )

Are there side affects from taking creatine?

There's no solid evidence that creatine monohydrate has any side effects in healthy individuals. Aside from some anectdotal reports and case studies, taking normal dosages of creatine (under 25 grams a day) isn't going to poseany dangers to normal individuals.. Read the paper "International Society ( Full Answer )

Should a 14-year-old take creatine supplements?

they can but it has to be very closely supervised by an parent of a personal trainer make sure he is drinking plenty of water and doing his cycle of 8 weeks on and 8 weeks off

Why do you get diarrhea when taking creatine?

Creatine is the most well researched body building supplement or sport supplement available. It has been around for a long time and has been proven to be relatively safe and effective, a very rare find in the supplement world.. Creatine can help you to build muscle and get stronger much faster than ( Full Answer )

How should you take creatine?

In the first five days: (5 grams; One teaspoon.) 4 Times a day, disturbed within the day(MUST CONSUME A LOT OF WATER*). After five days: (same Amount).Take it for 2-3 Times a day, (before and after Training to get best results). WARNING: (Creatine is a advanced body building supplement. Do not t ( Full Answer )

Where can you get creatine?

Creatine is a legal substance, you can get it almost anywhere. The more important thing to look at is what is mixed in with your creatine. There are a lot of creatine mixes that contain copious amounts of sugar - this is incredibly counterproductive to the purpous of taking creatine (gaining musc ( Full Answer )

How long to take creatine?

There is always a temptation for people to believe that dietary supplementation (such as Creatine, Amino Acids, extra Protein) makes a difference to performance. While a well-balanced diet is always important in athletic performance, it is a wrong mindset to think about supplementation rather than t ( Full Answer )

Should you take creatine before or after you work out?

Before and the answer I have gotten from the majority of the trainers I have asked. I know that everyone has different opinions, but it makes sense to me. You want the creatine boost before your workout to give you an edge. And, after your workout, while your muscles are starved. I have a ( Full Answer )

Can you take protein supplements with creatine supplements?

Yes it's safe to take both creatine and protein together, but if I could recommend a great stack you should try Protein, creatine and Glutamine all together and you will see some great results with your workouts. On my website we have many body builders and health and wellness people that take this ( Full Answer )

Can you take creatine with citalopram?

yes, you can. citalopram, which i also take, is an ssri. it has to do with seratonin levels in the brain. creatine, on the other hand, is a bodybuilding supplement. creatine helps increase the amount of adenosine triphosphate (atp) in the muscle cells to prolong fatigue while working out. i work out ( Full Answer )

If tou stop taking creatine would your muscle shrink?

i don't really know . but i have been doing some research about this on the internet , asking bulked guys at the gym , will you lose it once u stop it ? they all say yes , but not all of it . for example if u took creatine for 3 months in a row , then stop talking it , ull lose one month of creati ( Full Answer )

Will taking creatine cause weight loss?

No, when you start taking creatine you'll actually begin to put on weight as your muscles begin to store the creatine along with the water to process it. This results in a noticeable increase in muscle size and weight.

Do you take creatine with hot or cold water?

Most of the first studies done on creatine were with hot tea, which the warm water fully dissolved the creatine faster and more efficiently. Others believe cold water is fine since the creatine will be in the gut and will be warm enough to dissolve before digestion. IMO I would say mixing it with wa ( Full Answer )

Why is creatine bad to take?

It is not bad for you unless you misuse or abuse the amounts that you are supposed to take. Also make sure you double your water intake.

Who takes out loose teeths?

dentist: speciality: in orthodontics you should be able to get loose teeth out by yourself. when they are ready, the teeth will usually come out on their own. however, if it takes too long for them to come out, dentists can take them out.

Is it bad to take caffeine with creatine?

Yes it is bad to take caffeine with creatine. Both caffeine and creatine dehydrate you so you will get really dehydrated. Even when on creatine alone you should drink a lot of water because creatine needs a lot of water to work and you will get dehydrated if you don't drink water when on it. Also ca ( Full Answer )

How much creatine should take?

in my opinion NONE if it is the monohydrate form! we get enough from all of the meat we eat and who wants the cramps and bloating ? the other forms are useful. take as directed there is no loading phase! id spend my money on a nitric oxide booster instead that already has the krealkyline already mix ( Full Answer )

How do you take out your loose tooth?

Out with the Tooth Our users spit it out: . If it hurts a lot but, and most of the tooth is out, apply even pressure with your tongue and push forward. This always works for me. I recommend trying this. But only do this if the pain and looseness of the tooth prohibits you from eating solid f ( Full Answer )

What does creatine have to do with creatine?

Creatine is creatine. However, if you mean creatinine and creatine, they are two different things. Creatinine is created when the body breaks down creatine, and is a waste product. It is eliminated through the kidneys and into the urine. Creatinine in large amounts can cause kidney damage and can ki ( Full Answer )

What can you not take with creatine?

There are no forbidden foods when you supplement with creatine. However, creatine may not suit you, or it may fail to benefit you. For best results, follow the directions on the package. Of course, individual results may vary. Similarly, if something you are eating gives you an upset stomach when yo ( Full Answer )

Should a 13 year old boy take Creatine 189?

Yes, Creatine is great for young teenagers and expecially if they are and any physical sports (football, basketball ect.) but kids under the age of 13 should take Wheybolic extreme 60. And 9 and under should take vitamins only.

What is daily dose for taking creatine?

Creatinine is the break down product of creatinine phosphate from the muscles. There is no daily dose as it is not taken as medicine

Can woman take creatine?

Few of the Women do not take creatine because theyare insecure about what it actually does and if it is harmless to take . There are lots girls taking protein powder, but few ofthe girls don't digest.

Can you take universal animal cuts with creatine?

Mixing dietary supplements should always be done under thesupervision of a medical professional or a nutritionist. Mixinguniversal animal cuts while taking creatine can dehydrate a bodyand deplete important nutrients.

What are the benefits of taking Creatine Monohydrate?

Creatine Monohydrate is a drug which is popular with those looking to build up some muscle. The benefits it gives include; increased muscle energy, weight gain and an enhanced recovery after exercise.