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Do you lose hormones when you get older?

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no but your body becomes used to the effects

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Why does hair grow darker as you get older?


Why does hair get curlier as you get older?

The curliness or straightness of you hair has to do with the hormones in your body. so as you get older and you hormones change, if you had strait hair as a child then you could have curly hair as an adult.

What causes menstrual cycle to cease at an older age?

periods are controlled by hormones in your body. as you get older you produce less hormones so you stop having your periods. its knon as the menopause.

What would occur if the thyroid gland is removed?

lose of hormones

How do you lose unwanted belly fat after stop taking birth control bills?

You can use natural hormones to balance your hormones. You can exercise and eat lean protein and vegetables in order to lose weight.

Why do womans periods stop?

Hormones start and stop periods. At certain ages hormones will start periods and a girl becomes a woman. Then, when she is older there is less hormones and she will be in menopause and not have a period.

Do hormones stop when you get older?

yes when you are around 50. can be earlier or later.

Do labradors lose teeth?

They can, especially when they get older.

Are hormones part of the nervous system?

i lov your mom hahahahaha u lose

Why do you lose your period when you're underweight?

not enough energy/ hormones to produce period.

Why do eyebrows start to lose color as you get older?

The eyebrows start to lose color as you get older because they often turn white or gray. It is normal for all hair on the body to lose its pigment as people age.

How long after cat neutering will it stop spraying?

1-3 weeks it has to lose its hormones

How can you balance your hormones without drugs in order to lose weight?

East a balanced diet

At what age do you lose your pubic hair?

That differ. Usually you never lose it all but it can get less when you get older.

What did Beethoven lose when he got older?

He lost his hearing.

How did secretariat get laminitis?

Thoroughbreds are high- stress horses. His hormones were changing because he was getting older.

Is it bad to like an older brothers friend?

No in fact it's totally normal, you have hormones and they can tell you to like someone and its ok to like your older brother's friend.

Is Synthroid a MAOI?

No. Synthroid is T4 (levothyroxine), one of the thyroid hormones. MAOI drugs are older antidepressants.

What are some of the most common weight loss problems that older women face?

If you seem to be doing everything right, yet you cannot lose the weight there are a number of things that older women face when trying to lose weight. The first thing may be hormones, a thyroid, and excess water in the body from a number of things can also be the case. In any way, you should definatley consult your doctor if you are doing everything right but still cannot shed the pounds.

Why do babies lose bones when they grow older?

your bones scratch as you grow

Why does a dog lose the black color in their nose?

old age causes them to lose the pigment the older they are the more pink the nose is

Are Diane pills for gaining weight or losing weight?

Diane pills are a birth control method that can affect hormones. Depending on your hormones, you can gain or lose weight. Each individual is affected differently.

What is the causes of lack of hormones in human body?

May be tumors in younger people, and menopause or andropause in older people.

What hormones are released after eating to help lose weight?

Lipids or something like that. I know they control your metabolism and your hunger.

Does marijuana make your testicles shrink?

Definently no. There is a urban myth about cannabis making you lose your hormones, but it was proven to be wrong.

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