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Do you need Liability Insurance to sell other wholesalers goods on eBay or e-commerce sites?


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I don't know, and know many folks in this business that do not have any business insurance, but contact an agent in your area, if they do not sell this type of coverage/policy they will be able to refer you an agent that does.


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General liability refers to products completion and labor, while cargo is specific to transportation, such as hauling equipment or goods. The cargo insurance would kick in if there was damage to the goods in transit. General liability would cover goods in your warehouse or on the docks.

There are several different kinds of eCommerce services offered. Some services include: digital goods (such as music, e-books, and software), physical goods (such as books, furniture, and gadgets), and services (such as tickets and insurance).

General wholesalers are people or companies who sell goods in large quantities. This is usually for the right for resale by the retailer.รŠ


It all depends on the terms of the insurance policy. If it says it will cover that kind of loss, you're covered. If it doesn't specifically cover that kind of loss, you're out.

ECommerce functionality is to allow for the online purchase of goods or services by credit cards or Pay Pal. Buying products over the Internet.

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i thnk its nt.stock is not a liability.stock is our asset.when it over comes its goes to liability.

A retailer buys goods from wholesalers or other similar distributors. The retailer then sells the goods to consumers at a somewhat higher price.

Retailing is selling goods to the customer. Wholesaling is selling goods to retails for resale to customers. Before eCommerce this was mostly done in stores.

Any website that exchanges goods or services for money is considered an e-commerce website.

Insurance which is sold by rental car companies usually covers damage or liability while driving the vehicle. The insurance does not generally cover any goods that are stolen while locked up in the vehicle. There are different types of insurance which are offered. The best insurance to get is comprehensive and collision coverage.

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The characteristics of an e-commerce economic model include the ease of buying and selling of goods and services. These exchange of goods or services are done online.

There are so many extra security features available for commercial office insurance, Commercial insurance itself is full of different features such as buildings cover, liability insurance, financial income cover, and goods in transit cover. There are many more depending on a selected insurer.

Musgraves in Ireland is an example they sell goods in bulks shops that work for them include londis and centra

Goods in Transit Insurance is required to be taken out by the shipper if the goods are of a high value. Normally the goods are covered for insurance by the haulier but only for a nominal value lets say 5 USD per kilo so this is why separate insurance can be required. A lot of freight companies have goods in transit insurance specifically for certain customers who have valuable high risk products such as sports goods or alcohol.

It's not really either. Cost if goods sold is an expense on the profit and loss.

A wholesale dealer sells goods to retailers who sell the goods (stock) in their shops. A retailer is someone who sells the goods to members of the public - customers. Some wholesalers will also sell to the public - wholesale and retail.

Goods in transit insurance is, as it's name suggests, to cover any goods you may be carrying. If you want to know more, visit or call ChoiceQuote Insurance on 0800 440 2180.

Assuming you mean insurance coverage for a sporting goods store, most major insurance companies insure operation of this type. Find an independent insurance agent that represents several companies, and he or she can guide you. If your business is in the U.S., you can also contact the National Rifle Association for information on shooting-related business insurance. You will need property insurance for the building and contents, and liability insurance. If you have not done so, you should consult an attorney regarding incorporating as a business.

A current liability is an amount owed within a 1-year period for goods or services received. Accounts payable is the most common current liability.

An eCommerce website may offer products such as electrical goods, digital downloads, books, clothing and pharmaceuticals. Services may include web hosting, gaming, media and data processing.

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