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Do you need Permission from the US Government to marry a Chinese woman?


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If you are an American citizen. Yes.

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What is your Chinese woman need. Give her what she needs. Chinese women are different.

He shouldn't be working in a (high, sensitive or military) position, and he should not be working or studying outside the KSA.He can only marry a woman of these three religion (Muslim-Christian-Jewish).It is easier to marry a woman who was born in KSA.

because you love her ..gosh darnit.

The same as if she is not married - Chinese tend not to take their husbands last name when they marry.

Ask the woman first to see if she even wants to get married, then go to her father for his permission.

they got it from the Chinese to let all the woman do it

When they saw a young woman that pleased them and when their father gave them permission.

In most places a 17 year old can get married with parental permission.

In most States a 17 year old is considered a minor and unless he can get his parents or caregivers permission then no, he cannot legally marry anyone 18 years or older.

Yes. The only requirements are that the woman says yes 3 times to make sure she is not being forced, and there are witnesses. It is preferable not to, though.

one way of the kenyans is if a woman is married then the guy has to guve a dowry or a sum in thanks for giving permission to marry the girl

Woman in Chinese would be 女人

No, Muslim woman can't marry a Christian man. She can marry only a Muslim man. However, a Muslim man can marry a Muslim, a Jewish, or a Christian woman.

No, she may have whatever she desires. Just nothing that offends the government.

The Chinese Woman was created on 1994-10-13.

In most places a 17 year old can get married with parental permission.

yes a Muslim man can marry a christian or Jewish woman but he cannot marry a woman from any other religion. and a Muslim woman cannot marry a man with any other religion except Islam so she can just marry a Muslim man

No he can't , he can only marry any woman from the people of the book "Muslim , christian or Jewish " , but for Muslim woman she can only marry Muslim man .

Officially no woman is forced so there is no way to know this. The Chinese government is not keen on sharing any numbers regarding abortion.

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A Muslim man may marry a Muslim woman. He is permitted to marry a Christian or Jew woman provide she still believes in the oneness of Almighty Allah. A Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man.

can a woman with as genotype marry a man with ac genotype

No, she will marry a woman or a man

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