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Depends on the type of network you want build. Say you have an office building where the employees don't move around alot,. then an ethernet router is best. But if you have a sales flood with laptops always on the move then you need a wireless router. Or if you have both in your buliding then both would be needed. If your system is for your home,. then I would recommend an ethernet router. It isn't as easy to hack.

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Do you need a wireless router to connect an Xbox 360 using a wireless adapter?

Your router WILL need to be wireless to connect wirelessly to your Xbox, but you can use an ethernet cable if your router is not wireless, straight from the router to the XBOX

What do you need to connect your Xbox to the internet?

An ethernet cord to connect the XBox to a router or the wireless adapter for XBox to connect to your wireless router.

Do you need a wireless adapter for a PS3?

If you do not have an Ethernet cord long enough to go from the back of your modem/router to your PS3, you can use a wireless adapter (if you have a wireless router). But you don't need one.

Does a wireless router have to be attached to a hub or computer?

No, you don't, but you should have a wireless network card installed in your computer in order to receive/transmit signals from/to wireless router. Of course, if your wireless router has ethernet ports, you can attach computer with a cable, but in this case router will be working as traditional ethernet router, not wireless.

Can you use a wireless Ethernet router when your computer is not wireless?


Can a wireless router work without a Ethernet cable?

You need a Ethernet to connect the router to the networking box. All other things (except desktops) do not need a cord to connect to internet.

Do you have to have a cored for Wiis internet chanels?

If you have a wireless router no. otherwise you need a ethernet cable.

How can you connect to xboxlive?

You need a Wireless adapter, or a ethernet cable connecting to your home router.

Can you connect a PS3 with a network cable to a wireless router?

If the wireless router is like mine then you also can make an ethernet connection with the PS3 using an ethernet cable

Why do I need a DSL wireless router?

The DSl wireless router tranfers information to your computer via the ethernet cord. You can only use a phone lline for dial-up.

How do you connect to the internet on PS3?

Either Wireless or Ethernet through a wireless or ethernet router that is not provided and neither is the Internet.

Would a wireless router take the place of a modem and ethernet cable?

no...but a modem with a built-in wireless router would.

How do you connect a laptop through an Ethernet cord to your router?

All you need is an ethernet input on your laptop and a ethernet cable. Run the cable from the router output to the laptop input. Most wireless routers also include ethernet outputs in the back of the router. The laptop should discover the connection

Is there a wireless Ethernet cable?

A cable is a wire and therefore cannot be wireless. There are wireless routers that transmit the same information wirelessly however. You need a wireless router and a wireless receiver.

If you have wireless internet do you need a enthernet cable for playstation 2 online play?

Yes, you will need to connect your Ethernet cable to your router in order to get online. The Ps2 does not have wireless built in. If you want your Ps2 to go wireless you will need whats called a Wireless Ethernet Bridge. Or a wireless adapter that is compatible for your Ps2.

When would you use a router on an Ethernet network?

to split the Internet between different computers or to make it wireless if it is a wireless router

Do you need both a wireless router and wireless adaptor to connect to XBOX LIVE?

Yes and No. You do need a wireless router or hotspot if and an adapter if you want to use wirless for live. or you can use the ethernet cable that was included with the xbox and hook it straight into your computer.

Do you need a wireless router for a wireless connection?

You will need a wireless router for a wireless connection. Connect the Internet access cable to the wireless router. The wireless router will transmit the data.

How do you get xbox live without a wireless router?

a ethernet cord

Do you need a wireless router for ps3 network?

You can use a wired router and an ethernet cable even if you purchase a wireless router. I found that the connection is more stable and have never lost the signal like can happen with a WiFi connection

How do you convert computer from wireless to Ethernet?

Technically, wireless networking standards are part of the Ethernet family of standards, so what you're really asking about is changing from wireless Ethernet to wired Ethernet. If your computer has a working RJ45 port, all you need is an Ethernet connector cable to connect to a suitable hub or router. If your computer doesn't have that port, you need to install a wired network adapter.

Where is the wireless router attached to computer?

ethernet cable from the wireless router should be connected at the back of the tower the port is normally yellow

Can you use a switch to share an Ethernet line with both a computer and ps3 at the same time?

Yes the switch is called a router and it can be wireless or wired with ethernet cables. I use my wireless router as a wired router because it also includes four ethernet cable connections in the back.

Do you need a wireless router and a wireless modem?

only need router if modem is not wireless

What components do you need to connect four PCs together?

You can either connect them wirelessly or cabled: Wireless:-Wireless Network Router-Wireless network Cards on each computerCabled:-Ethernet Hub/Switch-4 Ethernet Cables