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If the AC evaporator is in the basement or somehow lower than the rest of the house, the blower could be having trouble lifting the air. Recognize that cold air is quite a bit heavier than warm air. The warm air wants to go up, the cold air wants to go down and the blower motor can have quite a difficult time fighting that battle. If the AC repaiman suggests a booster fan, he's probably right.

2006-07-26 14:49:35
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What temperature is it inside your truck tire?

It is dependent on the tire materials, pressure, and the outside temperature. So, research your tire specs.

Does the temperature affect how high or low a basketball can bounce?

Yes, temperature affects the pressure of the air and when the pressure outside the ball is lower, the pressure inside will be greater, thus making it bounce better.

What is the difference between the pressure inside and outside a tornado funnel?

The pressure inside a tornado is much lower than it is outside.

Is Air pressure inside lungs is less than outside?

This depends on exhalation or inhalation. If you are exhaling the pressure would be greater inside the lungs than the outside, but if you are inhaling, then the pressure would be greater on the outside than the inside.

What is the normal pressure inside or outside the house?

Inside pressure is warm and outside is cold. But any where outside my house there is no problem. Urine becomes normal and no problem

The air pressure inside the can compare to the air pressure outside the can equal lower or higher?

There is no difference of the average local air pressure inside or outside of the headphone.

What temperature must it be outside for a balloon to float?

Outside temperature is largely immaterial. It is really the difference between the temperature inside and outside of the balloon envelope that generates the lift. If both are exactly the same, then the balloon will simply fall under gravity -- it has no buoyancy. As the inside temperature increases, so does its buoyancy. Eventually, the difference will be sufficient to overcome gravity, and the greater the difference, the faster it will rise. When the optimum altitude is achieved, the air inside is allowed to cool to an optimum level to maintain that altitude; the optimum temperature will vary according to the outside temperature and the weight of the balloon. The outside temperature will vary according to altitude, as will air pressure outside of the balloon, therefore there is no single answer to the question. It is the difference in temperature that is important, not the actual temperature.

What is the air pressure inside a papper bag?

The air pressure is the same, inside or outside the paper bag.

What temperature does it have to be to go home?

Inside or outside?

Could you use sump pump inside a water tank as booster pump at home for lesser power consumption?

no because a booster pump is made for higher pressure and a sump pump is made for volume so you can never have the same pressure as a booster pump.

What is the freon pressure for an air conditioner?

It changes based on vehicle, outside temp, and desired inside temp. Pressuse depends on ambient temperature, the higher the temp, the greater the pressure

Why does the the liquid get into the syringe when the plunger is pulled?

When the plunger is pulled, the volume inside increases. This reduces the pressure inside, and the air pressure outside forces liquid in, in an effort to make the pressure inside and outside the syringe equal again.

Does the inside temperature of a endotherm change if the outside temperature change?


The temperature inside a pressure cooker is 117 C Calculate the vapor pressure of water inside the pressure cooker?


How do pressure and temperature change inside earth as depth increases?

both temperature and pressure increase as you go down inside earth. hi I am epic

Why does a difference in air pressure crush things?

A can or container can stay rigid due to equal pressure from the inside and the outside. When the atmospheric pressure from the outside increases mote than the pressure pushing out from the inside, the material gets crushed.

Given that the air pressure outside your body is so great why aren't you crushed?

Pressure inside your body balances the air pressure outside your body.

What happens to the pressure inside a container when the temperature of a fluid is increased?

If you increase the temperature of a fluid, the pressure in the container increases.

How does the temperature and pressure change inside the earth moving downward from crust to core?

both temperature and pressure increase

How does the temperature and pressure change inside the earth moving downward from the crust to the core?

Both temperature and pressure increase.

What has to happen for a balloon to inflate?

The pressure inside the balloon has to exceed the pressure outside the balloon.

What would change the size of a balloon?

Increased pressure on the inside, or decreased pressure on the outside.

A truck's tires have the correct air pressure at room temperature about 20c explain why a tire is more likey to explode when the truck is driven in hot weather than in cold weather?

As a tire goes round and round heat builds up inside the heat expands the air inside the tire. On a normal day that he can dissipate but as the temperature on the outside increases is more difficult for the heat (energy) to leave the inside of the tire. As the temperature increases the pressure inside the tire also increases. It is that pressure that can cause the tire to explode.

What is the normal temperature of an 8 year girl?

Inside or outside?

What happens to the pressure of a gas inside a container if the temperature of the gas is lowered?

the pressure is reduced.