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For a typical unarmed security guard job, high school or equivalent is a requirement. You may also need guard training certificates according to your states laws and requirements.

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Q: Do you need a degree for a security officer job?
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What qualifications do i need to obtain a job as a security officer ?

You will need to become licensed and bonded in order to work as a security officer.

Do you have to have a degree in Criminal Justice to get a security guard job?

No. Securitas and other large security companies do not require these degrees for security guards. You only need the degree if you are looking to become a licensed peace officer. You may obtain this license without becoming a police officer and it will advance your career in a private security firm if you become licensed.

Where can I find a local criminal justice degree job?

There many jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree besides a police officer. You can become a security officer, a social services worker, or a correctional officer.

What can you do with an IT security degree?

There are many career opportunities with a IT security degree. Some entry level positions are: IT security technicians, firewall administrators, IT security assurance, and IT security manager. Your career can lead into several prestigious positions such as an information security officer or even a chief information security officer. Generally an IT security degree falls into the network security category. Examples of job roles can be to manage firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems, develop security policies, setup encryption standards, packet level analysis, and provide consulting.

What jobs can you get with a AAA in criminal justice?

A person with their Associates Degree in Criminal Justice has many job opportunities, depending on their states. These job opportunities include, campus security officer, police, probation officer, corrections officer, legal assistant, and insurance investigator.

What type of degrees do Correctional Officers need?

A degree is not required to become a correctional officer. But it will help you get get the job if you have one. It is recommended that you get a degree in Criminal Justice or Human Services if you do. Because both of those can be applied to the Correctional Officer job.

What must one do to qualify for a job as a security officer?

To qualify for a job as a security officer, one must first go for a training, at the end you will sit for an exam. If you pass it, you will then be issued with a license. You will also need to have a criminal background check carried out on you.

What job can you get with an associate's degree in Corrections?

Corrections Officer

How do you get a job as an astronaut?

To do this you need a university degree in an related field and join the military as an officer and enter the astronaut corps.

What online technology degree do I need for a job in security software design?

You need to inquire directly to figure out which degrees you may need to land a stable job in security software design. Contact your local schooling establishments for information and details.

What is a related job to a police officer?

Private Investigator, Loss Prevention Officer or Security Guard

What kind of job can you get with an associate of science degree Homeland Security?

You can get a job as a janitor.

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