Do you need a gasket when you replace the thermostat?


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2015-07-15 18:20:46
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Yes you need a gasket between the thermostat housing and the engine. Usually a fiber type, should come with the gasket.

In a perfect machine, the metal to metal contact would be so exact that there would be no leak even under pressure. This is not the case on most cars. The gasket allows for slight imperfections in this contact area. Even better is a gasket with a little automotive silicone material allowing for a good seal under heat and pressure.


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There's a gasket between the thermostat and the block that you need to replace.

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Most definitely... If you don't and the thermostat is bad you will over-heat the engine and the gasket may leak or warp the head. Thermostat is a lot cheaper than tearing down the engine again.

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It's on top of the water pump. You need an O gasket with the new thermostat.

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remove old thermostat and replace with new thermostat and gasket

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