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Not necessarily. Often students who do not have very good GPA's find good opportunities at community and junior colleges. Each school has GPA cutoffs, but often the community/junior colleges will give you the chance to prove yourself that a 4 year school wouldn't. Transfer to a 4 year school is often an option after the community college.

Actually, it depends on your standards and how good of a college you want to go to. Of course, higher ranked colleges will have higher standards. If you plan on going to a great university, among the top in the nation, you should aim to get more than a 4.2 GPA (weighted) and an SAT Score of at least 2100 (New one). These are barely minimums these days, with such high competition. A guy I know that went to Harvard University and took 8 AP classes, received A's in every class he took, so a 4.0 GPA UNWEIGHTED. I do not know his weighted, though, but i would guess it to be higher than a 4.5. His SAT Score was a perfect, 1600 (old one) and he volunteered as a reporter for the local newspaper company (this tells you he writes really well). So, actually, you will need a high GPA to get into a top ranked Ivy League school, but if you plan on going to a decent school, aim for around a 3.5 GPA. You can never be sure if you are going to be accepted or not, so don't think "I have to get a 3.5 GPA" Instead, think "I have to get the highest possible GPA i can get" (Obviously, aim for a 4.0 GPA unweighted). For me? I'm aiming for a 4.2 weighted GPA and a 2000 on the New SATs.

Many state university's just require a 2.0 or being in the top half of your class. These are most certainly not Ivy League schools but decent Universities nonetheless.

Colleges don't just look at GPA. They look at extracurricular activities, extra classes you may have taken over the summer, Papers you have written and a lot more. GPA is important but its that and other things you have tht get you into a good college.

That depends on your standards. If a "good" college means Yale and a "bad" GPA means a 2.5, then you're not going to get in, sorry. There are some schools that are "open" schools that take any applicant with an SAT/ACT score above (insert school's requirement here). I can only think of one right now, which is Colorado Christian University. Also, schools don't look only at your GPA. Grades are the most important component to your college application, but there are many not-so-selective colleges that could be considered "good"

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Q: Do you need a good GPA to get into a good college?
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