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Q: Do you need a repo license to work for a repo company in Florida?
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How do you get a repo license in Florida?

how do i get a a repo license in Florida

What type of bisness license do you need to start a repo bisness in Utah?

What type og certifacation or licence must you have to start a repo company

In Florida is there a limit on the amount of money that a repo company can charge?

In Florida, the repo company charges the lender with the cost to repo the car. However, the repo company can charge no more than $25 for storage of personals found in the auto.

What is SRI Nevada license 654?

its a repo company

To start a repo company do have to have license in North Carolina?

how do you get a repo licence in North Carolina

How do you get a state license for repossessions in Florida?

The Related Link below is how you'd get a license to repo in FL

Do you need a repo license in Ohio?

Yes you do

How do you become a spotter for repo?

Being a spotter is a helping hand for repo companies. All you need is a drivers license and sometimes a car, Just ask your neighbor hood repo company if they need help finding the units

What states require repo license?

Texas, Florida, New Jersey, California and Illnois.

Can anyone repo cars in Florida?


How does an active towing and recovery company become a repossession agent?

The active towing company will need REPO insurance and REPO agents. And some REPO clients.

Can a repo company put a seize on your license and license plate and threaten to have you charged with a felony if caught driving the car they are trying to repo?

No, that is the job of the company that gave you the loan. The repo company can take your car the second they find it, but the real expense and trouble comes from the loan company you stole from. If you do not release the car you are in possession of stolen goods after a court judgment.

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