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Q: Do you need a travel passport to visit Mexico with green card?
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Where can you get your passport to travel to mexico?

It depends on your home country, but most often than not, you need to visit your local travel agency for guidance.

Can you travel domestically in the US on your green card?

Green card holder can travel within US states.As a U. S permanent resident you do not need a visa to visit Mexico. At the border or on the airplane you can get a tourist card good for up to 180 days. If you are going to FLY to Mexico you DO need a passport. You must use your passport from your home country since you cannot get an American passport until you become an American citizen.

Do you need a passport to visit mexico?

Yes you do

Can Trinidad citizen travel to Mexico with visa?

Citizens from Trinidad & Tobago don't require a visa to visit Mexico. All they need is a valid passport.

Do you need a passport to visit a dentist in Mexico?

No, but you will need a passport to get back into the US.

Can a person with an American tourist visa travel to Mexico?

Yes. Recent immigration laws allow for any foreign national who has a US travel visa to also visit Mexico. Don't forget your passport.

How long can a person travel with a green card?

You can travel within the US with a green card so long as it is valid. A green card is NOT a valid document for international travel outside the US. To travel outside the US, you will need a passport and possibly visas depending upon the passport you hold and the country you visit. Please check with the local embassy/consulate for the most up to date visa requirements for your country's passport prior to travel.

How long left on passport to visit Mexico?

Three months.

What documents does a Jamaican need to visit Mexico?

its called a passport.

Can a person visit the Dominican Republic with US green card?

In order to travel to or visit the Dominican Republic, the first essential document a traveller requires is a valid passport from their home country. Other documents are secondary to the passport.

Do you need a passport to visit mexico city?

If you reach Mexico through an airliner, yes you do.

Does an Italian passport holder need a visa for Mexico?

No, Italian passport holders can visit Mexico for up to 180 days per year.

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