Best Answer can buy things like wireless internet cards or drill holes in the wall to hardwire it but having just a wireless thing would be easiest

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Q: Do you need both a wireless USB adapter and a wireless B- broadband router to hook up a PC in another room that does not have a phone plug?
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You got belkin wireless g usb network adapter and a normal broadband router and a notebook with wireless adapter want to convert normal broadband router into a wireless router how can you do it?

You can't. You will need to purchase a new router.

Hooking up second computer to broadband?

If you have a wireless router just get a wireless adapter for the computer. It can be USB or PCI adapter. And connect your new adapter to the router in the same way as you connected the first computer.

Do you need a router to connect to a desktop computer that has a wireless adapter installed?

Not necessarily, you can connect via another computer with a wireless adapter.

Do you need both a wireless adapter and a wireless G router?

You can use router of G or N type and the same type wireless adapter. Of course you can use wireless N adapter with G-type router and reverse.

How do you convert wired broadband to wireless?

get wireless router

If you want wireless internet connection do you need a wireless router or a wireless usb adapter?

wireless router

If you have a Wireless G Broadband Router by Linksys do you need to buy a Xbox 360 wireless adapter to play online?

yes you do. even though your internet is now set up for wireless, your xbox isn't unless you buy the adapter for it

How can you connect wireless router to wireless router to get the internet?

you cant you need a wirelles adapter to do that........

Can a wireless adapter be connected to a wireless router cable router or cable modem?


Can you usued your router as a wireless adapter?

No. You can't use the internet router for a wireless adapter, because the X-box 360 has a USB port in the back, where the $100 dollar wireless adapter goes. The router is the internet transmitter/receiver, while the wireless adapter is a receiver. And when I say a receiver for the router, it means it will only take the internet and transmit it to you.

What is the average price of a broadband wireless router?

The average price of a broadband wireless router really depends on the brand, the speed, the power, and the features that this particular wireless router has to offer, so probably around $50.

What is needed to hook computer into Wireless?

You need to have two things: a wireless router and a wireless adapter compatible with the router.

Do you need a wireless router with dsl if you have a wireless router in your laptop?

Your laptop cannot have a wireless router. What it has is a wireless adapter which is not the same thing. And the answer is yes, you need a wireless router if your dsl modem does not have one as an option.

How does wireless broadband Internet connect to the Internet?

Cable/phoneline---->Cable/Dsl Modem---->Wireless Broadband router

Do you need a wireless adapter for a PS3?

If you do not have an Ethernet cord long enough to go from the back of your modem/router to your PS3, you can use a wireless adapter (if you have a wireless router). But you don't need one.

Can a desktop with wireless capabilities connect to a wireless router via another computer with a wireless adapter?

For such purposes you need at least two subnetworks. One adapter cannot be in the same time in both of them. Thus you cannot do that. If you connect your PC through wireless to another PC, and that PC is connect to the router with a LAN cable that it's doable.

Do you need a wireless router to connect an Xbox 360 using a wireless adapter?

Your router WILL need to be wireless to connect wirelessly to your Xbox, but you can use an ethernet cable if your router is not wireless, straight from the router to the XBOX

How A Broadband Router Is Different From A Wireless Router?

A broadband router is similar to a wireless router, except that it lacks the ability to transmit and receive wireless signals. One example of a broadband router can be seen with early cable modems that allowed Internet access only to devices that were directly plugged into the unit with an Ethernet line. The primary purpose of a broadband router is to intercept traffic from the Internet and transmit relevant information packages to a computer or device for processing.

If you have wireless broadband do you have to buy a router?

a wireless broadband just receives and send to yo PC/Laptop u can buy a router just to extend the services to other computers

Do you need a wire to get Xbox live if you have a router?

Not if it's a wireless router and you have bought the wireless adapter for the xbox 360

How do you network 2 computer that are on a 4 computer hub?

You need to buy a wireless broadband router that has the ability to network 4 PC's. Then you need a wireless network adapter for each PC you are going to hub off of the main PC with the wireless broadband router. The wireless usb network adapters by Linksys, I think is the way to go. It might be a little extra money, but it's worth it.

Does a wireless router come with its own broadband Internet provider?


What does a broadband router do?

It provides network connection for wireless clients.

Can I Connect a wireless hub to a broadband router?

In most cases you can.

How do you know which wireless router you need for your laptop?

You need to find out, what kind of wireless adapter you have (b, g, n). When you know the type of wireless network your adapter supports, you can choose the router you need. So if you have an adapter which supports, lets say, wireless G, you need to get a router with support for wireless G (and even higher, it's good for future upgrade) networks.