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Technically yes. When I was in this situation they still gave me a ticket and said I should have NON DRIVER'S INSURANCE. People who travel alot and use rental cars regularly use this form of insurance since they don't have a car to insure year round they insure themselves.

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If you no longer drive a car and cancel your insurance will your recordrate get better or will it essentially stay the same due to not being insured during that period?

It is not going to make a difference if you cancel your insurance or not. If you drive a car, you must have car insurance.

Can your insurance company refuse to pay your mortgage because you are going on holidays?

Insurance companies do not pay your mortgage for you regardless of if your on vacation or not.

What type of insurance do you need to drive a dump truck?

To drive a dump truck the type of insurance you're going to need is commercial truck insurance. But you're also going to need a special license to drive a dump truck as well. Call your insurance provider and they can probably give you more information.

If you don't own a car do you need car insurance?

If you are going to drive a car, you should have insurance.

Do you need insurance for a salvage car?

You only need insurance if you are going to tag it and drive it. If it is just for parts or scrap, you don't need insurance.

Do you have to add licensed non family member living in your home to you auto insurance policy?

No. If they are going to drive the family car you can, if the insurance company allows it, but they should really have their own insurance.

Which superstores are going to be open 24 hours during the Christmas holidays week?

Wal-Mart - in Canada, at leasr

Your daughter is turning 16 Her dad is going to carry the car insurance on his car Can she drive your car?

The insurance is on the DRIVER as well as the car driven. So, the answer is Yes.

When did going to seaside towns for holidays become popular during the Victorian era?

in 1830, before Queen Victoria ruled

Can I add a driver from a different address to my Florida auto insurance?

Of course, especially if they are going to drive your car regularly.

How much time does one have to cover their car with auto insurance in Texas?

Immiedietly upon purchase if you are going to drive car.

Can you get non-driver insurance if you are disabled?

Yes you can if you do not have a drivers license. You will need to list as drivers anyone who is going to drive you about.

If you dont have an automoble Can you put insurance on your drivers license?

No. Auto insurance is just that ... an insurance policy for the automobile, and those who ride in it or drive it. If you have the full permission to drive someone else's car, and they have the proper auto insurance in full effect, then you are covered under their policy. If you are going to be driving their vehicle most of the time, then they need to add your name to the policy.

Can a repo man take your car if there is no insurance on it?

Yes. He's not going to drive your car. He's going to hook a wrecker (tow truck) to it and tow it to a holding lot.

How much is New Jersey collision car insurance?

The actual price for the car insurance will be based on what you will get added to the insurance. The basic insurance plan is recommended by law, I would recommend getting that insurance plan if you are going to be on a budget during your move to New Jersey.

Which phrase is correct - going on holiday or going on holidays?

going for holiday next week

Where can I purchase dvd recorders with the best deal?

During the holidays, all everyone needs is a good deal. Best Buy has amazing deals on electronics years round, especially during the Holidays. I suggest going in there, having a look around and guarantee you will leave that story very happy.

My fiance is not listed as a driver on her parents insurance because she does not regularly drive their vehicle. Do I have to list her on my policy even though she can not drive my manual car?

If she does not drive your car, then there is no reason to list her. However, it would probably be wise to list her if you are going to teach her how to drive it.

Are car rental rates higher on weekends or holidays?

Car rental rates are always going to be higher for the weekend and holidays because that is when there is a high demand for them. Most people travel on the holidays and weekends so that is when the price is going to be higher.

Do teachers get holidays?

yes they do they rest if there is no students the what are they going to do ?

How do you write a letter to your friend inviting her to visit you during pongal holidays?

To write a letter to your friend inviting her to visit you during the Pongal holidays, begin by tell her when you would like her to come. You should also explain some of the traditions and activities that will be going on. Then just tell her how much you would like to see her.

How many miles can you drive at the end of one hour?

That would depend on how fast you are going during that hour.

You purchase the car at the dealer for your friend does the insurance has to be under your name also?

No, insurance does not always follow the owernership of the car unless you and your friend live in the same house and you have your driver's licence. If you tell the insurance company that you are not going to drive the car at all time and main driver is your friend, then you do not have to be under the same insurance.

Can the owner of a vehicle get insurance if they are not going to be the driver?

Yes, I recently bought me insurance and they asked if I was going to be the driver or not.

Who is responsible if you reverse into a car that has not got permission on my drive?

Your insurance companies are going to end up battling it out between themselves. The police aren't going to issue you a citation for something which happened in your own driveway.

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