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You don't need any particular configuration, however you need to run some tests, as described below. Most likely you added this RAM in addition to other dimms already existent on the motherboard. - Please have a look in the computer setup (just before the operating system reboot) to see if the memory was recognized (the total amount of RAM displayed will tell you that). - If so, please check to see whether the computer still works fine without the newly added ram (turn computer off, remove the RAM, turn computer on and run some tests). If everyhting checks fine, the following things could cause the computer to malfunction: - The memory just added is damaged - The memory just added is not compatible with the motherboard (for ex. a motherboard that requires SDRAM PC3200 cannot work with PC 133 or PC 100) - this you can figure out trying to run the computer with the newly added RAM ONLY - There is some incompatibility between the new ram and the one already on installed in the system.

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Q: Do you need to do any configuration after install a 512MB ram to hp pavilion ze2308wm it stopped display movie pictures after that?
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