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It would probably be the smart thing to do because if you combine salt and chlorine, your pH level will be extremely low (very acidic)

I have to correct the above answer:::: That answ. may be partially right in that changing the water would not hurt especially if it has been more than 5 years since the water has been changed. The latter part of the answ. is what I question. "Salt water pools" have salt added in order to make chlorine. Adding chlor. by hand at a rate of a gallon at a time has a very minute effect on the pH of the pool. If anything it may raise it but seldom lower it. Adding chlor. via the salt system should also have minimal effects since it is added continually and at steady levels. The make up of the water - either acidic or alkaline can effect the chemistry. Plaster pools have a high demand for acid since there is lime in the plaster mix. HTH will have an effect on raising your pH since it is a calcium based product. Tab chlorine on the other hand can lower your pH levels because the pH of a tab is near 2.5 or3.0 --quite on the acid side.


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Q: Do you need to drain a swimming pool to change from a chlorine to a salt water pool?
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